Wolky Australia: Effortless Summer Style

Wolky shoes are designed to feel like soft, cushioned clouds. They allow you to feel like you’re walking on air, and this feeling begins beneath your feet. Leather-covered footbeds are carefully engineered using the finest materials. These materials include high-grade memory foam and natural, contoured cork that create a cushion that moulds to your feet and absorbs the shock when walking. Wolky shoes are made in Portugal.

For summer sun seekers who like to ensure they keep on the move during warmer weather, this well-loved brand is designed for enduring wear and comfort.

Created with the natural physiology of women in mind, each style incorporates materials designed to support the feet and back without compromising on design. From cork to memory foam, each pair of sandals moulds to the wearers’ foot in time, ensuring a personalised fit.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to style your Wolky shoes, our staff can help. The range encompasses seasonal trends, with European influence incorporated into every stitch.

Comfort through Cork: Wolky Shoes Online

From the office to errands, lunch, and beyond, wearing a beautiful pair of corporate-friendly shoes is a must. If you’re planning to get out of the office and transition from day-to-night, each pair of moulded Wolky shoes pairs well with:

  • Midi and Maxi Dresses: Soft and ethereal up top and fashion-forward on the bottom.
  • Denim: Whether you prefer skinny jeans or a looser fitting style of denim, few things contrast denim so perfectly like a bold sandal.
  • Shorts: For casual Fridays and running errands on the weekends, linen and denim shorts are effortless options.
  • Linen: For a feminine statement, linen has long since been hailed as a warm-weather staple due to its ability to breathe. A wide-legged set of trousers with a peak of fashion-forward sandals beneath is sure to contrast the bold shoes with the light and airy pants.

No matter where your travels take you, having a set of go-to warm-weather shoes that will keep you light and breezy and let you walk to your hearts’ content is a must. Lightweight for both your feet and bag, Wolky has long since been a much-loved favourite of world travelers jet setting across the globe.

Memory Foam, Cork, and Comfort: Wolky Australia

We want every customer to go home with the perfect pair of shoes which is why we offer the same great customer service online as we do in-store.

To ensure that your style, fit, and preferred taste all come together, make sure to click through to our ‘Book An Appointment’ feature to be matched with an expert footwear sales representative. Connecting with customers Australia-wide via video chat, we can talk through the ins and outs of each brand, our personal recommendations, and match you with your likely best fits based on your taste, shape, and size. Each video consultation is complimentary.

If you’re ready to take your next step forward in Wolky shoes, we welcome you to view the range online at Peter Sheppard Footwear.