Australia’s Widest Range of Premium Quality Footwear for Women with Wide Feet

For women with wide feet, finding comfortable footwear can be a nightmare. Often, it is more than just finding a pair of stylish shoes or a pair of shoes that are comfortable. Sometimes, it is a matter of finding shoes that are actually wearable. Many women settle for shoes that do not meet their design or fitting preferences, to simply meet the needs of difficult feet. 

Never wear tight-fitting shoes again with Peter Sheppard’s range of wide-fitting shoes. 

Wide-fitting shoes Including Flats, Sandals, Athletic Shoes, Heels and Boots

Peter Sheppard carries an extensive range of wide-fitting styles, ensuring women can find shoes they and their feet are happy to wear. 

One of the many frustrations that come with wide feet is the limited range of suitable shoes when it comes to shopping. Peter Sheppard’s extensive range of wide-fitting shoes offers comfortable shoes for all occasions and every mood. The styles available include slip-ons and flats for casual occasions or sandals and heels for all-day wear at work. 

Boots are perfect for the colder months when teamed with jeans, pants, skirts skirt or dresses. Peter Sheppard’s range offers wide-fitting boots in every length, including ankle boots and knee-high boots

The range even includes wide-fitting boots suitable for special occasions and celebrations. Flat boots and styles featuring heels of all heights are among the vast selection of luxurious boots handcrafted in Europe.  

Peter Sheppard’s wide-fitting sandals are ideal for summer, when feet tend to swell. The range at Peter Sheppard includes comfortable flats and stylish sandals, which promise there will be no more squeezing into tight-fitting sandals. Peter Sheppard also carries suitable wide-fitting shoes for participating in sports, walking and everyday lifestyle activities. 

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes to complement attire for a special occasion Peter Sheppard can help. The range includes a number of stylish wide-fitting heels to guarantee all women can complete their outfit for an evening out.

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