Premium Women’s Wedge Shoes and Heels from Australia’s Largest Importer of European Shoes

Wedges and heels are two options when it comes to adding height with footwear. While heels are classy and look great, they are often not the most comfortable choice. Adding height with a pair of wedges completes a look while still providing support and comfort. Browse Peter Sheppard’s online store for wedge shoes in Australia to find the right style and fit.

Wedges are a Great Choice When Support is Important

Wearing heels puts long-term pressure on the lower back, balls of feet and strains calf muscles. Choosing wedge shoes over heels to add stature has several advantages.

Feet are supported over a greater area, not just the ball of your foot, while wearing wedges. This means wedges can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time. Wedges also offer greater stability making them easier to walk in with less risk of tripping or falling. Many wedge shoes have cushioned insoles making them even more comfortable.

A Comprehensive Range of Wedges Shoe & Heel Styles for Women in Australia

The best thing about wedges is that they are stylish. Wedges come in a range of styles; from sandals to boots, to everything in between. Most styles of shoes can be found with a wedge. With so much versatility, browse Peter Sheppard’s women's wedges online and find the perfect wedge shoe to add to the wardrobe whether you are looking for blue wedges, black wedges, white wedges - we have the right colour.

For the warmer months of the year, browse Peter Sheppard’s selection of sandals with wedges or platform wedges. In the cooler months, opt for a pair of sneakers for everyday wear. Select a pair of wedge boots for a dressier look.

Platform wedges add even more height. Platform wedges are designed so the entire foot is elevated. Platform wedges allow women to add inches to their height while retaining comfort for feet and promoting overall stability.

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