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ViaMercanti has been handcrafting shoes for women since 1995. Based in Salerno, Italy, the ViaMercani factory is just a short distance from the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island, which provides inspiration for each collection. The hallmarks of ViaMercanti are attention to detail and a deep passion for producing unique footwear.

Childhood friends Antonio and Paolo took a shared love for beautifully crafted footwear and turned it into an internationally renowned brand. Blending expertise in fashion with beautiful textiles and materials, ViaMercanti injects the essence of Salerno’s scenic surroundings into chic shoe collections.

A sandal collection designed for the Italian summer was the first collection to emerge. This collection was produced in the small ViaMercanti factory where designs are still made today. Word of the ViaMercanti’s tasteful creations began to spread once esteemed stylist Renato Cenedella met with Antonio and Paolo. Women beyond the realms of Italy began to show interest in the ViaVercanti collections; and it was dutifully granted.

Peter Sheppard now proudly carries a unique selection of ViaMercanti shoes. You will find them in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane stores, or online.

ViaMercanti Shoes are Made to be Appreciated

ViaMercani styles are designed with the philosophy that an excellent foundation leads to an exceptional finish. Each shoe is lovingly crafted from premium European materials. The leather is sourced and treated by experts, with a mutual intention of producing a style that is both comfortable and stylish to wear.

Each detail is closely scrutinised before production to meet quality standards and expectations. From the sole to the glue used to join everything together, the result is 100% Italian and handmade. Italian shoes are known for using very few machines throughout the manufacturing process.

The details in ViaMercanti are finely balanced with flawless aesthetics and comfort. The features and functionality make each design unique, promising an elegant and timeless wearing experience. ViaMercanti shoes are lightweight, providing support and style for all-day wear. The soft and sturdy leather allows the shoe to mould to the foot, tailoring the shoe to the arch and foot contour over time.

From the rugged Amalfi coast to Sydney's northern beaches, the quality European designs at Peter Sheppard Footwear will take you everywhere. Each shoe is delivered exclusively by Peter Sheppard.

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Shopping for quality Italian footwear in Australia need not be difficult. Peter Sheppard offers a unique experience that is professional and personalised. This service assists you in finding the perfect fit, no matter where you are in Australia.

ViaMercanti, like Pons Quintana, produces a wide selection of styles and categories. The extensive range makes it simple to find and wear styles that you love. Our European offices carefully curate each collection before launching each range.

Visit your nearest Peter Sheppard store to experience our renowned fitting service, where skilled Sales Associates can individually measure your feet if required. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you toward choosing the right design to suit your individual need.

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