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Correctly fitting sneakers are imperative when exercising. Peter Sheppard Footwear specialises in correctly fitting and comfortable sneakers for women.

Chafed and blistered feet when exercising can cause long term damage to feet. Sneakers should always offer full support and be correctly fitted to feet. For women who wear orthotics, a style that is designed for orthotics or braces is necessary. For feet that are wide or narrow, the shoe design needs to be taken into consideration when selecting sneakers.

Sneakers That Offer Women Comfort and Support During Workouts

For women's sneakers that will be worn during exercise, there are several considerations that should be made.

Sneakers worn for exercise should cushion the foot and support the body to reduce jarring and harsh impact. This cushioning is particularly important on hard surfaces such as concrete roads and footpaths. Some sneakers are designed for specific types of exercise, with customised padding and cushioning. For women that regularly engage in high impact exercise, it is best to consider special purpose sneakers. For walking, comfortable yet still well-fitting sneakers are adequate.

For wide feet, look at styles and brands which specialise in wide and extra-wide fittings . For narrow feet, consider brands who are known for designing narrow-fitting sneakers. Lace-up styles can help adjust the fit of shoes to the foot.

A good tip when buying sneakers for any exercise, including walking, is to ensure there is plenty of toe room. Feet will move about in sneakers when walking or running. Often it is necessary to purchase a half size larger than normal to accommodate this movement comfortably.

Keep Fit and Healthy While Wearing the Latest in Fashion Sneakers

When selecting sneakers for exercise, comfort and fit are key considerations. However with the broad range of sneakers available, they can not only feel good, they can look good too. Sneakers pair well with jeans or trousers and they are great for all types of exercise. Sneakers are easy to wear, and with such a wide range to choose from, there is bound to be a pair just right for any wardrobe.

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