Sioux Shoes

Peter Sheppard is home to one of the largest collections of Sioux shoes in Australia, offering exquisite German craftsmanship instore and online. Since its inception in Germany almost 70 years ago, Sioux has developed a reputation for reliable women’s footwear. Today, Sioux shoes are worn by women looking for style and comfort in every step.

Precision and craftsmanship define Sioux, guaranteeing a flawless and functional fit, and its name comes at no accident. Founder of Sioux, Peter Sappers, wished to produce shoes inspired by Native American moccasins, with the brand later paying homage through the adoption of the traditional name.

Stepping into Sioux

Peter Sheppard carries Sioux shoes in C and D fittings, and precise handwork and a commitment to the perfect fit are instilled in the DNA of each Sioux shoe. Sioux shoes are crafted using soft, high-quality leathers and materials, with plenty of room for wider feet. The insoles are also removable, so you can customise the shoe to meet your individual requirements.

Sioux shoes are produced in pairs, with each pair remaining as one during the entire manufacturing process. This process ensures unparalleled consistency and quality.

Women can find a variety of Sioux shoes at Peter Sheppard, suitable for any occasion. This includes comfortable boots for walking or working, slip on moccasins for casual and social occasions, and colourful moccasins inspired by athleisure for running errands.

Shopping at Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard is Australia’s premier destination for high-quality European footwear. The professional team is knowledgeable in foot health and orthotics, offering a meticulous measurement service that ensures the perfect fit.

Peter Sheppard’s ethos stands that every foot is diffeernt which is why a personalised fitting is essential. This way, every woman will be able to step out in complete comfort, avoiding future foot problems such as fallen arches, heel spurs, bunions and corns.

While you may choose to shop online, the instore Peter Sheppard experience is one to be reckoned with. It allows you to experience unparalleled customer service, on your own terms. For some, this may mean a quick checkout, while for others, this could involve a lengthy conversation with an expert sales team.

Shop for Sioux shoes online or in person with Peter Sheppard. You may also wish to view other gorgeous brands in the range like Amalfi, Ezzio, Hugo Sheppard and Mallard.