Shoe Care Made Easy with Australia’s Best Kits, Products and Supplies

For people who understand the importance of investing in a comfortable, durable, quality-made pair of shoes, we understand you want to protect your investment, so your new footwear lasts you for many seasons to come.

That’s why Peter Sheppard carries a carefully curated selection of the latest and greatest shoe care products to help you keep your footwear clean, protected and in impeccable condition for as long as possible. Adequate care will help shoes retain their original shape and appearance, and keep them looking their best.

Waterproofing, cleaning and storing your shoes with top-quality products

We put our shoes through a lot – especially in Australia’s climate. Shoes can easily become dirty and scuffed. To keep them looking as new as possible, they require regular cleaning, and the best way to clean your shoes depends on the materials they’ve been crafted from.

Leather ankle boots or shoes can be cleaned by brushing off excess dirt and wiping with a damp cloth. Leather should also be regularly conditioned to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. Peter Sheppard’s range of shoe care products includes conditioners suitable for leather shoes.

Suede leather shoes can be cleaned with a suede brush. It is best not to wet the suede, but rather brush it gently to remove dirt. Applying one of our sprays on suede conditioner will help protect the leather and prevent it from drying out.

Shoes made from fabric or canvas, such as espadrilles , can be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. Scrub them gently with a soft brush if they are noticeably dirty, and leave them to dry naturally. Peter Sheppard’s shoe care kits include all the necessary equipment and products required to keep shoes clean and conditioned.

Enhance the effect of your shoe shampoos, conditioners, suede/nubuck cleaners and sprays by storing your footwear correctly

Keeping designer shoes stored appropriately will help to retain their shape - shoes should be stored upright on shoe racks and if possible, with shoe trees to keep them in shape. It’s also a good idea to treat new shoes with a waterproofing spray, as this will protect the surface from rain or spillage. If shoes do get wet in the rain, it’s best to let them dry naturally - putting shoes in front of a heater or fire to dry may damage them, particularly if they are made of leather.

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