Stylish Women's Sandals Perfect for Every Occasion

Sandals are an essential item of footwear in Australia. Ideal for w earing throughout the warmer months, every woman should own at least one pair of sandals. Peter Sheppard's online store stocks the latest styles in women's sandals, as well as a selection of timeless designs. Peter Sheppard carries sandals for all types of feet and promises to even offer styles to customers with difficult fitting feet.

Comfortable and Stylish Sandals that do not Compromise on Quality

Every woman wants to look and feel their best. The right sandals can transform and make an outfit unique. It does not matter whether it is a special occasion, or for everyday wear, a pair of strappy sandals can make all the difference.

Peter Sheppard’s range of women's sandal allows women to be stylish, without succumbing to uncomfortable shoes. Regardless of how good a pair of sandals look, experiencing cramped, painful feet, or chafing and blistering can be detrimental to foot health. Fortunately, Peter Sheppard’s range of sandals combine comfort and trend. There are sandals for both narrow feet and wide feet , and a range of fashionable orthotic-friendly styles. These sa ndals also feature contoured footbeds for optimum foot health and comfort.

Straps, Laces, Casual and Slip-Ons – The Choice is Endless

If active while wearing sandals, it is best to choose a style with straps or laces to hold feet safely in place. Although slide or slip-on sandals are fast and convenient to put on, feet work harder while wearing them. Using toes to grip the sandal means feet are under extra strain while walking. A strap or laces will keep the sandals comfortably in place, reducing the impact on feet.

While slip-on sandals are not ideal for lengthy periods of walking, they still have a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Peter Sheppard’s slip-on sandal range includes quick-dry styles ideal for poolside or beachwear, and dressier styles perfect for casual dining out.

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