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When your personal wardrobe calls for footwear that finely balances flair with finesse, Pons Quintana answers. Now available across Australia, these iconic designs continue to make their mark the world over.

Founded by Santiago Pons Quintana on the Spanish island of Menorca, the brand has graced the craftsmanship of women’s footwear since 1956. Humble beginnings as shoemakers of of children's footwear branched out to the creation of slippers. Pons Quintana has progressively developed artisanal pieces featured in the collection available online today.

Drawing on inspiration from haute couture, contemporary and on-trend style showcases distinctively feminine curves and a tempestuous attitude. Crafted from the finest Spanish leather, each pair provides undeniable comfort without any compromise on style. These is no doubt that footwear by Pons Quintana is a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

With a wide range of hand-picked styles selected by an experienced team in Peter Sheppard’s European offices, contemporary women can now enjoy wearing Pons Quintana footwear in Australia.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Exceptional Design

Drawing upon Spanish tradition, Pons Quintana shoes have an unmistakably European flavour. Centuries-old techniques are creatively deployed to inform modern designs, producing a powerful fusion that combines the feeling of class and trend.

Hand-braided leather is often intertwined into each product, a design concept inspired by the 1960’s. Decades later, the classic footwear is still produced on the island, also home to the world-renowned Pretty Ballerinas.

Fresh interpretations of boots, sandals, sneakers, and moccasins emerge from the Pons Quintana factory each season. After 80 years of continuous production, the boundless creativity at Pons Quintana continues to impress, making statements with the launch of every collection.

Pouring artisanal spirit into every aspect of a shoe’s construction, it’s no wonder that the family-owned business has become renowned for its excellence in footwear.

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As purveyors of the finest women’s shoes in Australia, we are proud retailers of Pons Quintana from Spain. Accompanied by exceptional service and knowledgable staff, the experience of shopping for these beautifully crafted shoes is far from blasé.

All creations are sturdy yet comfortable, always conforming to different style preferences. No matter your size or width, there is a gorgeous European shoe that will cater for every need. Like all brands found at Peter Sheppard, a variety of fits are available for your specific form and size. Our bespoke measuring and fitting service ensures that no matter the shoe, you can wear the option you desire and love. With quality care, there’s no reason why these designs can’t last for years. They promise to grow ever more comfortable as the luxurious leather moulds to your unique foot shape.

With stores in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, three destinations for in-store shopping are available. We also offer a state-of-the-art virtual shopping experience via video call, where our staff members connect with you to share our collection in detail, show models on foot, and make recommendations based on your preferences and footwear requirements.

To access this exclusive experience, simply select a suitable time slot and book an appointment with a staff member. With complimentary Australian-wide standard shipping on all orders over $100, your new footwear will be with you shortly.