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Fusing traditional handmade techniques with designs that merge practicality and style, Pikolinos creates a range of attractive shoes that are now readily available across Australia.

Formed in 1965 out of Juan Perán Ramos’s desire to express authenticity, originality, and naturalness through the legacy of Spanish shoemaking, the brand has become highly sought-after.

Fostering an artisanal culture that promotes the freedom to find inspiration at any given moment, the firm’s design team constantly innovates. In their Manifesto for Happy Creators, they define their goals - to “remove the superfluous and seek the authentic”, forming beautiful things in the process. How does that translate to footwear?

“Because if you’re happy creating, you create happiness. Because life is intense. Make yourself comfortable.”

Expert Craftsmanship is Embedded in Pikolinos Men’s Shoes

Much of Pikolinos success is due to the fine approach that is taken to create each product. Utilising centuries-old traditional techniques, the craftsmen and women produce footwear that moulds to the foot thanks to materials that promote suppleness and flexibility.

A glove-like, flexible finish is achieved by hand stitching the leather insole, as well as seaming the upper directly to the sole. This process allows the foot to flex, roll, and contour in a close-to-barefoot manner. The effect is less pressure on the feet, producing a barely-there feeling from the moment the pair is worn.

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Naturalness is a Virtue

A natural finish is achieved on the footwear of Pikolinos thanks to water-based treatments that cure and tan the leather. Vegetable tanning is often performed in the firm’s tanneries in Spain, adding a thin layer to the materials. The result is a supple, smooth finish that carries a feeling of the Mediterranean.

To complete the process, each pair is Scotch guarded against stains. Pikolinos shoes allow you to walk with confidence, wherever you roam.

Pikolinos Boots Are Easy on the Feet

The arrival of winter often marks a moment in time when we begin to reach for heavy, rigid boots. Pikolinos defies this by merging the benefits of weather-resistant footwear with its unique handcrafted tradition and styles.

Akin with footwear by Sioux, a moccasin-like feeling is produced. Ankles are supported without inhibiting movement or creating bunching at the trouser leg. Worn under a winter suit or fully exposed, the look and feel are sublime.

Finished with a weather-resistant seal, a perfect pair of winter shoes awaits. Shop the Pikolinos range exclusively at Peter Sheppard Footwear.

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