PieSanto Shoes

PieSanto shoes are designed to promote comfort and wellbeing. The Spanish brand crafts their shoes with a cushioned sole, breathable lining and removable insoles. These are just some of the ways PieSanto has innovated designs that are both stylish and comfortable. PieSanto is available in D, E and EE fittings at Peter Sheppard.

Feel Utter Comfort in PieSanto

PieSanto is the perfect brand for the young at heart. Open-toed and stylishly designed, PieSanto shoes make it possible to enjoy your summer activities without feeling weighed down. Heeled varieties help you step out in style, while summery shades like coral and mustard help you add a touch of colour to everyday.

By choosing from the exquisitely crafted PieSanto range, you can safeguard your health and wellbeing. It’s simply not worth wearing attractive shoes if they make every step agonising. Instead, opt for PieSanto, a brand that takes the physiological needs of women into consideration.

Manufactured in a small factory in Elche, Spain, Peter Sheppard is pleased to now offer Ezzio shoes in Australia. Each shoe is crafted taking the foot anatomy into consideration, intertwining the expertise of traditional European shoemakers. The brand is Podiatrist approved, meaning it includes a cushioning sole, optimal breathability, and ensures there are no uncomfortable angles or tight spots.

PieSanto footwear is suitable for those with sensitive skin on their feet, or allergies. PieSanto shoes are free of chemical agents, making them less harmful to the earth and safer on the skin. PieSanto also strives to minimise the amount of seams within each foot, which makes each shoe softer to wear and reduces the chance of chafing.

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Shopping at Peter Sheppard

It is possible for beauty and comfort to come together at Peter Sheppard. Numb toes, sore backs and raw soles are a thing of the past! The carefully curated Peter Sheppard collection features orthopedic and aesthetically pleasing footwear brands from Europe and beyond. Each shoe undergoes a quality inspection before it is stocked on shelves, ensuring any purchase made at Peter Sheppard is a truly worthwhile investment.

By visiting a Peter Sheppard store, you will enjoy a tailored fitting experience and excellent customer service. Shop for PieSanto shoes online or instore at Peter Sheppard. You may also wish to browse other brands offered by Peter Sheppard such as Arche, Azuree, Joni and Lodi.