What started out in 1973 as a small fashion boutique, is now Australia’s number one retail destination for women’s shoes. For over 50 years, Peter Sheppard Footwear has curated collections from Europe and showcased the largest range of European footwear in the country.

Our commitment to service, quality, fit and design is unmatched, making us one of the world’s largest independent retailers.

our commitment to you

The Perfect Fit

Comfort can only be achieved with perfectly fitting shoes. Over time, our feet can change shape so to achieve the perfect fit, they must be measured regularly. Our staff receive thorough training on how to correctly measure feet as well as identifying issues with foot health including fallen arches, heel spurs, bunions, and corns. We work closely with Australia’s leading podiatrists with education and training to ensure that we are recommending the very best for our customers.

Every time you shop with us in-store your feet will be analysed, measured and you will be presented with a range of shoes that suit the specific needs of your feet. With the largest range of sizes and widths in Australia, you are sure to find the perfect shoes.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service can mean different things to different people. For those that are time-poor, their expectation may be to have prompt attention from our highly trained service members without waiting in a queue. For others who may require assistance and advice when selecting shoes, they prefer to shop in an environment where they can take their time without pressure. The Peter Sheppard Footwear customer service team will ensure that meeting your needs is their utmost priority.

Crafted For Comfort

The advancements in shoe technology over the years means that uncomfortable shoes are a thing of the past. Comfort is of number one importance when our buying team select a shoe. We know what works and what doesn’t and when we’re on to a good thing, we stick with it. Some of our designers have been pioneers in creating comfort shoes that do not compromise on style or fashion and this is what has made these brands some of the most sought after in the world.

Merchants of quality

Before shoes arrive at our stores, they undergo rigorous quality control testing. With offices in Florence, Zurich and Valencia, our European agents spend time in the factories overseeing the production of all shoes before they hit our shores. We will not compromise on quality and if well cared for, all shoes purchased at Peter Sheppard Footwear should stand the test of time.


In 1961, Peter Sheppard made his way to Melbourne from country Victoria to commence a cadetship at the Myer Department Store.

As luck would have it, he was placed in the women’s shoe department and it was from here that he would go on to become one of Australia’s most respected retailers of women’s footwear.

Opening his first store in 1973 in Little Collins Street Melbourne, Peter worked on the shoe floor gaining an intimate knowledge of women’s footwear needs. What he learnt was simple, women want to not only look good but also feel good at the same time. 48 years later, not much has changed.

Peter knew that comfort could not be achieved unless the shoes fitted correctly. He also knew that foot shapes varied so in order to satisfy the needs of his customers he needed to search the world for the best factories that produced shoes in a range of sizes and widths.

Over four decades later, Peter Sheppard Footwear is still Australia’s preferred retailer for women’s shoes. The business has won several industry awards and is one of the largest importers of women’s footwear in Australia.

The business is now run by the second generation of Sheppards with his son Chris at the helm. They employ over 120 staff and have the largest range of shoes in sizes and widths in any one destination.

With magnificent stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Peter Sheppard also offers a state of the art online shopping experience as well as his world famous twice-yearly catalogues.