Find your perfect fit

'Fits like a glove'. It’s the Peter Sheppard promise. Our expert team are highly trained in foot health to find shoes that fit your bespoke needs. They understand that no two feet are ever the same and that this changes over time. With our meticulous measurement service, we’ll find your perfect fit. Whether that’s a shoe to accommodate orthotics, offer all-day ease or feel elegant without compromising on comfort, we’re here to help.

Why are Peter Sheppard shoes so comfortable?

Comfort is key. Poorly crafted, ill-fitting shoes are anathema to us. It’s why we work so closely with our trusted European suppliers to design shoes that are perfect for our Australian customer. Whether that’s adding straps for support, extra generous cushioning or more luxurious materials, we tweak a design tirelessly until it’s the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect.

What makes our shoes right for you?

At Peter Sheppard, we proudly offer the widest range of shoes in Australia. Your perfect shoe will be different from the next person’s. But as we understand the impact a good pair of shoes can have on your health, wellbeing and happiness, we’d never want anyone to feel left out. From narrow to wide to all range of sizes. Glamorous evening heels to off-duty sneakers to summer sandals to boots. It’s all here, waiting.