Women's Orthotic Friendly Boots, Heels and Footwear for Comfort and Style

Peter Sheppard stocks Australia’s most extensive range of European footwear. The range includes stylish styles for the discerning buyer who doesn't just want to look good – they value comfort as well. 

Peter Sheppard carries boots suitable for all-day wear and shoes to suit the lifestyles of women on the go. Say goodbye to chunky, awkward shoes and hello to footwear you will not want to take off. Thanks to new technology and innovative designs, being comfortable no longer means you must sacrifice style.

A Comprehensive Range of Orthotic Friendly Shoes for Women

Peter Sheppard has a range of high-quality flats, heels and boots that, unlike many fashion shoes and boots, allows the insertion of orthotics without compromising on comfort. Our orthotic-friendly styles include sandals, flats, heels and boots with removable footbeds. This easily allows room for the insertion of custom orthotics for all-day comfort and support for your feet. Peter Sheppard carries everyday shoes and boots as well as a range of orthotic-friendly heels. The shoe range includes casual styles, sneakers and walking shoes as well shoes suitable for work.

Whether you're on your feet for extended periods of time, or you experience painful feet, the right pair of shoes is imperative. Peter Sheppard carries a range of shoes with features and innovative designs to minimise the impact on feet and joints.

Peter Sheppard also carries fashion shoes and boots with inbuilt orthotic support. While open styles and sandals do not always accommodate orthotic inserts, Peter Sheppard’s range includes styles with orthopedically designed footbeds. This provides your feet with the support they need for all-day or night comfort. This range includes fashionable orthotic heels for evening occasions or events. 

Wide and Extra-Wide Fitting Shoes and Boots to Suit Your Orthotics

Naturally wide feet, bunions and arthritis are just several reasons why styles offering extra width may be necessary. Peter Sheppard’s range of European shoes includes both wide and extra-wide fittings, with additional room for a comfortable fit and pain-free feet for good!

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