Buying Men’s Orthotic Shoes Online

Everyone wants to step out in style, but not at the cost of comfort and support. A decent pair of shoes should support your natural arch, and ensure your heel, ankle, bunions and other components of the foot are adequately supported with every step you take. If you wear orthotics, it’s important to account for the extra space these take up inside the shoe when shopping for a new pair online.

Given that comfort, support, function and style are at the core of Peter Sheppard’s ethos for sourcing the finest footwear from around the world; you’ll find an eclectic range of men’s orthotic friendly shoes in our online collection.

Sourcing styles that suit smart casual occasions and office attire while catering for the unique contours of your feet, Peter Sheppard supplies podiatrist approved shoes from the finest European artisans. With removable in-soles to fit orthotics, these shoes keep feet in the utmost comfort depending on your bespoke needs.

Finding the Right Fit Among Men’s Orthotic Shoes

For shoppers new to purchasing footwear online, buying shoes that can accommodate specialised in-soles and orthotics will likely differ from previous shopping experiences. How so?

  • Width: Considering a narrow fit? Think again – while in-soles are designed to uniquely fit your foot, consider a fractional hangover on either side of each in-sole to best fit the insert. When you need added support, you always want to make sure there is more than enough room for the orthotic.
  • Height: The height inside the shoe that traditionally accommodates a foot and sock now needs to accommodate a few extra millimetres of space. While orthotic technology has advanced in recent years, even the finest inserts add some thickness under your foot.
  • Material: Interested in maximising comfort? Ensure that the material used to manufacture your latest style can not only accommodate an insert, but also bend and mould to your foot as needed. When you need extra comfort for longer days, the last thing you want is to be wearing a pair of tight leather brogues that have no give – consider a softer leather or suede instead.

Sizing Up the Right Men’s Orthotic Shoes Online and In-store

If you’re new to the Peter Sheppard range, we recommend speaking to our highly trained customer service team online to provide helpful advice, custom fit and footwear suggestions. Offered to all our valued customers, we ensure that every new pair you invest in is the right fit for your unique foot shape, style preference and lifestyle.

What else does Peter Sheppard have to offer? From women’s ankle boots to ballet flats as well as men’s sneakers and smart casual shoes for work, our growing range has an investment-worthy style for every member of the family.