Stylish Shoes for Narrow Feet from Australia’s Leaders

It can be difficult to find comfortable fitting shoes for narrow feet and there's not much you can do to make your feet wider. Adding padding to normal width shoes is not the solution. What you really need is shoes designed for your feet. The range of shoes, heels and boots from Peter Sheppard includes many styles designed for women with narrow feet.

Narrow Feet and Comfortable Footwear for Women Everywhere

Narrow feet are relatively common among women. Narrow feet can make it difficult to find stylish shoes without sacrificing comfort. Peter Sheppard’s range of European footwear encompasses a wide selection of shoes including boots and heels. A selection of these shoes have been specifically designed for women with narrow feet. Peter Sheppard's range address three key factors impacting the fit of shoes for women with narrow or extra-narrow feet. 

Heels, Boots and Shoes designed to Suit Narrow Feet

Many women fall into the trap of purchasing shoes that are too wide for their narrow feet. This means their feet move unnecessarily within the shoes leading to blisters and chafing. Adding padding to the inside of shoes to prevent blisters forming does not work. 

The padding compacts down and moves around within the shoe only adding to the discomfort. Fortunately, Peter Sheppard’s range of narrow feet shoes and boots, including narrow fit heels, means women can buy shoes that fit snugly to the foot. Having properly sized shoes eliminates the need for DIY solutions, and promises true comfort, all-day. 

Another issue common in women with narrow feet is that the heel of the foot is narrower than the forefront of the foot. This can mean that even when the shoe fits the front part of the foot comfortably, the heel slips around within the shoe. After a few hours on your feet, this is likely to lead to blistering. Peter Sheppard’s range of footwear includes countless narrow-fitting shoes, boots and heels to suit even the narrowest of feet. 

A lace-up narrow fitting boot or narrow fitting shoes featuring a strap will ensure all-day comfort. For evening wear and formal occasions, there is sure to be a style to suit in Peter Sheppard’s range of narrow fitting heels.

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