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There there are only several makers of shoes that take into account both fashion and fitting elements when producing a footwear range. Munro from the US is paving the way; the globally renowned label takes all facets comfortable and stylish footwear into consideration when producing seasonal collections.

Handcrafted Footwear Designed in Australia for Comfort and Durability

Munro shoes are guaranteed to last, handcrafted using high-quality materials. The precision that goes into making these shoes ensures women’s feet remain comfortable and protected. Munro footwear are made with a unique style that allows these shoes to stand out from others. Women who discover Munro shoes are often Munro customers for life.

Munro strives to provide comfort in sandals without compromising on style. Several styles from their iconic ranges feature straps with coloured highlights or heels designed for all-day wear. The extensive selection of Munro shoes, boots and sandals available at Peter Sheppard offers endless options for women hoping to buy shoes that will last a lifetime.

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Women seeking a luxurious experience while shopping for their next pair of shoes are almost guaranteed to fall for the collection of Munro shoes available at Peter Sheppard. Well thought designs combined with durable materials that promise timelessness are one of the reasons Munro sandals have become renowned around the world.

Peter Sheppard stocks a number of premium European shoe brands similar in prowess to Munro, including Kennel & Schmenger and Thierry Rabotin. Women who lov e shoes who find themselves partial to elegance and shoes will be spoilt for choice at Peter Sheppard’s online store.

Furthermore, there is an extensive range of shoes for wide feet, options for those with narrow feet, and shoes and boots that have been designed to accommodate orthotics.

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