Mothers Come in all Different Shapes and Forms

For many, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect and show gratitude to the women and mothers who have been mentors and caregivers and helped shape us into who we are. In honour of this special day, we’ve asked members of the Peter Sheppard team to share what Mother’s Day means to them.

CEO Chris Sheppard

What I admire so much about all mothers is the selfless way they go about their lives. I’ve seen it with my own mum and my wife, the way they juggle career, family and everything that goes with it. My mum was always the one who made sure that our household was like a finely tuned instrument, with every note in key. From the pastoral care to education and discipline, she was consistent, fair and loving in every sense of the word. She is such an amazing grandmother to my three children and plays a very big role in our lives.

Sydney Store Manager Fotini Tsaousidis

My mother is a nurturer and protector who provides unconditional love. She’s funny, feisty, and loyal and has always been there for me when I have needed her. My favourite bonding activity with her is cooking. She makes traditional Greek food and I love watching and learning all the techniques she learnt from her mother. The perfect gift for my mum this Mother’s Day is a Braccialini wallet. They’re the most beautiful designs and my mum deserves the best.

Melbourne Store Manager Golfo Karavias

My mum is a nurturer; the most loving person I know and she’s always caring for others. She lives in Cyprus, so we don’t get to see each other as often as I would like, but when we are together, we enjoy the simple things like long walks along the beach, or visiting friends. I love our conversations, she’s the person who knows me better than anyone else. Being a mother never ends, regardless of how old your children are. I am a mother now myself and I worry as much about my adult children as I did when they were young.

Online Manager Bili

Motherhood to me represents true happiness. It is the hardest yet most satisfying role of my life. When I look at my two sons and the fine young men, they have become I feel a real sense of satisfaction and pride. My own mum was a gentle and kind soul who always made me feel loved. She didn’t drive a car, so we spent a great deal of time walking and talking and I will forever cherish those memories now that she is no longer with me.

Brisbane Store Manager Mechelle

Being a mum feels like my greatest achievement. It was a learning experience right from the get-go and now that my children are all grown up, I am now learning from them. My girls describe me as "the crazy lets give it a go mum" and I often enjoy an afternoon of baking or attending a sporting event with them. When I reflect on my own mother she resembles a true lady, always kind worded and never anything but loving. My fondest memory of my mother was reading to her which I will hold close to my heart this Mother's Day.

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