Buy Men’s Sneakers and Hiking Shoes Online

When you need footwear that allows for all kinds of terrain, look to Peter Sheppard Footwear’s collection of men’s sneakers, walking and hiking shoes. Offering the perfect blend of durability, style and comfort, the selection is primed for wandering the world. Crafted with a mixture of premium materials and innovative technology, our designs keep feet well supported for all-day wear.

Style has not been sacrificed for functionality in the range. Each shoe showcases a contemporary aesthetic that’s perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle, becoming a functional asset that pairs with sportswear and street fashion. Explore Australia's diverse landscapes, or simply wear your shoes day-to-day and experience the optimal comfort.

Shop for Versatile Men’s Sneakers Online in Australia

The ideal men’s sneaker takes you from street to sport and everywhere in between. Look no further for sneakers, lace-ups and slip-ons that align with your everyday lifestyle.

Designed to exceed the benchmark of European quality, our selection of men’s sneakers features an extensive range of shoes that suit a diverse range of settings. Functionality and visual appeal are built into premium leather sneakers, which look just as good when worn with jeans or track pants. Grip, ventilation and cushioning are integrated into each model, helping to maintain foot health even after hours of physical activity.

Produced in minimal shades and bright pops of colour, our designs have become an everyday staple. Explore the finest selection of men’s sneakers in Australia at one of Peter Sheppard’s stores or shop online.

Explore Rugged Terrain with Stylish Men’s Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are notorious for being clunky and less than fashionable, yet these traits do not apply to the styles at Peter Sheppard Footwear. Striking a balance between practicality and tasteful aesthetic, each styles looks and feel fabulous on the foot.

Contemporary designs from the likes of Callaghan seamlessly integrate essential details for the outdoors with stylish touches, inviting wear across all settings. Finished in a versatile colour palette, the result is sleek sportiness that you’ll love.

Let each essential detail support and energise you as you explore the outdoors. Each shoe provides excellent ankle support and toe freedom. Paired with a textured grip on the sole, you’ll enjoy a sense of security and safety across all terrain.

Expert Advice to Ensure a Perfect Fit

Wearing shoes for prolonged periods can have an impact on foot health. Professional advice is key to ensuring that soreness or pain is avoided, leading to long-term comfort that only increases with time.

The first step is to identify your foot type. Low and high arches, width, instep and toe contour are all characteristics to look for when shopping for shoes, and this is best assessed by footwear experts. The Peter Sheppard Footwear team is trained to analyse and measure feet, providing the right men’s sneakers according to the foot. Correct sizing and widths lead to a perfectly fitting pair of men’s walking shoes, which can safely be worn on an everyday basis without impact on the foot.

Visit our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane stores to utilise our complimentary measuring service before shopping online. We’re confident you will find a style that suits your unique foot shape and size, ready to accompany you across all walks of life.