Relax with Stylish Men’s Slip-On Shoes

Slip-ons epitomise effortless style and comfort. They are a versatile footwear solution, perfect for laidback days and casual occasions. Available in a variety of premium materials, timeless colours ensure every shoe is sure to be worn for this season and beyond.

Owning footwear that supports your lifestyle on the go is a must. Peter Sheppard Footwear offers a tasteful selection of contemporary men’s slip-on shoes that fully support turbo-charged days and nights.

Boat shoes, loafers and modern sneakers are classic designs re-interpreted by our favourite brands. Mixed and matched with a versatile wardrobe, fashionable outfits gain an instant edge. Slide into your chosen pair and be out the door in minutes, ready to tackle life head-on.

Our Men’s Slip-Ons Accommodate All Feet

Exhibiting chic European style and exceptional craftsmanship, our carefully curated selection is designed with the modern man in mind. Quality leathers, textiles, and components combine to form shoes that offer both durability and comfort.

Slip-on shoes can help to accommodate the foot as it widens, taking the pressure off the instep and toes. Made from flexible materials, each model has the ability to stretch and contract. Once on, the shoe hugs the contours of the foot, supporting it from all angles. After prolonged wear, leathers take on the shape of each foot, making it even easier to glide inside.

Worn for work or play, footwear from Peter Sheppard Footwear form a part of everyday life, supporting growth over time. Every model has its own amount of stretch and contraction, depending on the materials. Our experienced staff are available to ensure you select a size that provides ample room to move.

Wear with Fuss-Free Ease

Loafers, moccasins and boat shoes are ideal for those who want to keep life uncomplicated. Without the extra step that lace-ups require, all it takes is one swift movement and you’re ready for the day ahead.

The sleek, seamless look of such styles aligns perfectly with modern living. Minimal and relaxed, this everyday style provides endless versatility, suiting both casual and formal settings. Whether you enjoy the look and feel of Sioux moccasins or you are seeking something that requires no fastening, Peter Sheppard Footwear has a style to suit you.

Enjoy Effortless Wear, Inside & Out

Footwear that transitions seamlessly between home and the outdoors is highly sought after, yet difficult to find. While we offer men’s slippers in a variety of styles, some of our outdoor models are just as suitable for both indoors and out. Moccasins and backless styles are ideal for wear around the house and out of doors. Sturdy outdoor styles provide a tougher exterior and more rigidity – sans the discomfort.

Whether you choose a dress shoe for work or casual sneaker for wearing on the street, fit-for-purpose design is what you’ll experience. As part of our service, our staff can share each style virtually and show how they appear when worn. Colour, flexibility, and a comprehensive look will ensure you pick the perfect pair.