Discover Premium European Men’s Shoes Online

Since 1973, Peter Sheppard Footwear has been committed to providing customers with footwear that promotes foot health and wellbeing. While women’s footwear was once the bread and butter of the business, the Peter Sheppard Footwear online store has grown to include a quality selection of fine European-made shoes for men. Sourced by a team of experienced buyers, the latest collection is brought to you direct from the factories of old-world manufacturers, where craftsmanship and quality are the essence of every shoe.

Each pair offers the same level of comfort, style, and sophistication you will find in the women's collection. Carefully curated styles are tailored to the everyday needs of men, supporting work, sport, special occasions, and more.

From sneakers to boots, loafers, sandals and even dress-style footwear options for the mature Australian man, Peter Sheppard simplifies and streamlines the shopping experience. Uncover your perfect pair online at Peter Sheppard Footwear.

Enjoy Quality European-Made Men’s Orthotic Shoes

European footwear is synonymous with quality and style. Peter Sheppard carries a selection of well-loved brands, including Lloyd, Sioux, and Pikolinos, ready to support an active lifestyle. The renowned brands within the portfolio have a reputation for crafting superior products by hand, utilising technology and innovation.

Explore a wide range of men's orthotic and wide-fitting shoes available online. A number of sizes and widths are available across all styles, as well as half-sizes.

Comfort Powered by Innovative Technologies

Classic designs will always be integral to fashionable footwear and the constant quest for comfort runs right alongside it.

Innovative materials and technologies are embodied within the Peter Sheppard collection. European brands such as Callaghan integrate research and development into their processes, delivering unique products that conform to the foot. Others, like Pikolinos, use traditional techniques to offer exquisite quality that can only be found in European footwear.

The diverse assortment of European and Italian-made shoes available through our online store enables men of all ages and builds to shop beautifully crafted footwear with a dash of on-trend design.

While the comfort and wellbeing within is looked after through orthotic shoes, the design of each shoe embodies class, refinement, and quality of the kind that Europe is so well-known for.

Benefit from Expert Advice and Men’s Shoe Care

The Peter Sheppard Footwear ethos has been built upon the foundation that a properly fitting shoe is essential. Our online customer service team can assist with finding your perfect fit, equipping you with knowledge that will guarantee everyday comfort. Experience will ensure that the ideal shoe is selected, leading to pain-free, comfortable wear.

The difference in sensation with a properly fitting shoe is immediate. Greater energy levels, better posture and joint support are just some of the benefits that can be felt after wearing a pair that is perfectly suited to your unique contours.

Premium genuine leather, crepe, and cutting-edge technology allow the designs to mould to the foot, creating an individual feeling with support where you need it most.

Experience the difference that Peter Sheppard footwear provide first-hand.