Vintage Chic with Modern Style Mary Jane Shoes & Heels from Peter Sheppard

Mary Jane shoes evolved from the shoes worn by a character in the Buster Brown comic strip. They were worn by both girls and boys, and the original designs were for children. Despite their long history, Mary Jane shoes continue to be as popular as ever. Over the years, styles have changed from the original flats and the range now incorporates Mary Jane heels and chunky heels. Peter Sheppard stocks a range of Mary Jane shoes for Australians, with stylish variations to suit even the most discerning of shoppers.

Mary Janes Heels are Versatile, Comfortable and Perfect for Every Foot

The original Mary Jane shoe had an enclosed toe, flat heel, and a single strap holding them in place. They were usually made from leather or patent leather.

The basic style concept of Mary Jane shoes has not varied since they first became popular in the 1900s. While Mary Janes still have an enclosed toe and one or more straps, the heel design has seen the most noticeable change. Mary Janes have evolved from flat shoes and small heels, to chunky heels and wedges. Rega rdless of the heel-height and type, Mary Jane shoes remain popular and stylish.

Mary Jane Shoes and Heels Online with Delivery Australia-Wide

Peter Sheppard’s online Mary Jane range offers women classic Mary Jane shoes and heels with guaranteed comfort. Peter Sheppard carries Mary Jane shoes by several designers, with styles to suit all preferences. The range includes comfortable wide-fitting Mary Janes, with a classic single strap and moderate heel height. There are Mary Jane shoes with chunky heels in both leather and patent leather and these come in a variety of colours. Peter Sheppard even stocks heeled Mary Janes with variations in the colour and finish, making them ultra quirky and chic.

For a unique take on a timeless style, visit Peter Sheppard‘s online store and browse Mary Jane shoes.

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