Finding the Perfect Pair of Luca Grossi Shoes Online

Ill-fitting shoes can both damage feet and cause the need for replacement after a short period of time. To assist women in finding correctly fitting shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, Peter Sheppard offers an extensive range of footwear online. Each brand is carefully chosen for their commitment to quality and exceptional comfort. This commitment illustrates why Peter Sheppard is Australia’s preferred retailer for premium footwear.

Luca Grossi, who designs shoes handmade in Italy, is just one of the many brands available at Peter Sheppard. The exquisite leathers for production all come from small tanneries in Italy and are still finished by hand to underline the elegance and value of Luca Grossi's shoes. Sandals, ballerinas or warm-lined ankle boots for the cold season: Luca Grossi has the right styles for all occasions, whether summer or winter.Browse the Peter Sheppard online store today and place an order to receive complimentary shipping throughout Australia.

Beauty in Luca Grossi Shoes

Founded in Tuscany in 1970, the small factory producing Luca Grossi footwear continues to deliver beautiful Italian shoes season after season. Each stage of the production process is carried with precision by passionate and skilled craftsmen. Using the finest in Italian leathers, each shoe is made with love and care, reflected in the uniqueness and comfort in each piece.

Luca Grossi have been successful in blending functional designs with modernity, perfect for the contemporary woman. Each shoe is designed fashionably with functionality in mind.

Peter Sheppard is proud to carry a wide range of Luca Grossi shoes online, making it easier than ever for women own quality European footwear. From sophisticated shoes for corporate occasions to delicate sandals and elegant heels, there is something for every occasion in the range.

Shop an Extensive Range of Luxury Luca Grossi Footwear

Peter Sheppard is proud to be Australia’s premier online retailer for luxury European footwear. Loved by women throughout the country for the quality of each collection, the online store makes it easier than ever to find truly exceptional shoes that look beautiful and fit perfectly.

Several brands available online include Hartjes, Grunland, Fluchos and Dyva. Each brand promises styles to suit any occasion. Browse the selection and enjoy complimentary shipping on all Australian orders.

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Luca Grossi offers a range of shoes that consider the needs of the contemporary woman, no matter the occasion. Explore Peter Sheppard’s range of Luca Grossi online shoes to learn why these shoes offer luxury for feet for every season.