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Peter Sheppard makes it effortless to find comfortable yet stylish women’s footwear. Curating a huge collection of shoes from a variety of brands, there’s something for everyone in the range.

While browsing online, customers will discover a range of exquisite styles by Lodi. As a well-renowned brand of footwear, each carefully designed shoe will provide comfort, quality and eternal style. The perfect option for women who want to put the right foot forward at work or who seek something that proves versatile yet sophisticated for many occasions.

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Every pair of Lodi shoes is a marvel to behold, thanks to the skill and passion of those responsible for making them. Every season, the Lodi team designs 500 new styles though only the best finds their way into the collection.

Peter Sheppard's selection of Lodi shoes includes heels, boots, flats and sandals, meaning customers are sure to find something for every season and occasion. Additionally, Peter Sheppard carries a variety of handbags from this versatile brand, each created with the same exceptional craftsmanship.

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Peter Sheppard prides itself on its ability to source shoes that are superior in quality, style and comfort. The wide range of brands have been carefully chosen to ensure they meet the benchmark for each characteristic, as well as for the ability to cater to a range of sizes.

Customers will find brands such as Toni Pons, Sorelle Bensoni, Amante, Buti and Isabel Lopez. While the selection offers a wide variety of designs and styles, they offer long-lasting quality customers can count on. For customers at Peter Sheppard, this means finding shoes that can be trusted to stand the test of time.

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