Loafers for Stylish Comfort at Home

No shoe collection is complete without a pair of loafers. Undeniably soft and effortless to wear, loafers can be styled up or down with ease. Based in Australia, the experienced staff at Peter Sheppard Footwear ensure each pair fits snugly too for a trusted, luxurious feel.

Loafers – History in the Making

Dating back to 1926, London shoemaker Wildsmith created the first ‘modern’ version of loafer shoes that we know, wear and today. Wildsmith originally made them for King George IV after he requested footwear that he could ‘loaf’ around in when frequenting his homes in the country.

Subsequently, a more ready-to-wear design for outdoor use was put into production, and the iconic European women’s style transitioned into a mainstream style.

Perfect for Stylish Comfort at Home

Customers who purchase footwear online at Peter Sheppard are not only investing in the highest quality of workmanship. They can also take advantage of the many benefits of being a customer including quick, complimentary delivery. Peter Sheppard offers shipping to every address in Australia and New Zealand, making it possible for women everywhere to enjoy the exquisite footwear. Peter Sheppard carries premium brands from Europe, with an extensive range that encompasses Mary Janes, lace-ups, sneakers, long boots and more.

Functional, Warm, Relaxing

Loafer shoes are enjoyed by many women across Australia. Crafted from leather or high-quality suede, this type of footwear replace laces with fastenings and closures. Loafers are ideal for keeping feet warm, yet still provide the visual aesthetics the original concept embodies.

A pair of loafer shoes is perfect for wearing both indoors and outdoors. They’re also ideal for wearing as a casual footwear option or jazzed up for a more refined outfit.

Peter Sheppard’s range online includes styles suitable for casual, everyday wear. These styles can be flat or low-heeled, with a sturdy outer sole. They can be worn outside, retaining the simplicity in design which is integral to the comfort of these shoes. Some styles are also smart enough to wear to casual social gatherings. Each style can be easily teamed with winter pants or jeans for a comfortable, cozy outfit.

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