Source Lloyd Men’s Shoes in Australia

For over 130 years, Lloyd has been manufacturing premium men’s shoes. Powered by a philosophy that puts people at the heart of the process, collections capture a coveted mixture of comfort and polished European design.

Beginning in 1888 as the H.F. Meyer Schuhfabrik in Brennan, Germany, the bar was set for high standards. After rebranding to Lloyd in 1906, the business began the production of superior footwear through sustainable business practices. More than 130 years on, this tradition continues.

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Lloyd Men’s Shoes: the Birth of the Red Stripe

Since 1968, the red stripe has become synonymous with the German brand. Each pair produced features the signature stripe on the heel, marking it a genuine Llyod product.

Initially conceived as a men’s brand, the German Schuhfabrik has created classic models that are defined by exceptional attention to detail. In 2001, the factory expanded to include women’s shoes too. His and Hers collections have emerged over the years offering unique footwear solutions for both men and women.

On-trend designs continue to dominate the Lloyd collections, boasting strong attention to detail and classic-yet-modern design aesthetics. Boots, sneakers, loafers and dress models are continually re-interpreted through the pared-down, sleek aesthetic Lloyd is best known for.

As one of Germany’s finest makers of shoes, a range of on-trend and comfort shoes is guarunteed with every collection.

Lloyd Shoes Guarantee Perfection

From H. F Meyer’s 1888 Brennan Schuhfabrik to the modern-day headquarters of Sulingend, Lloyd continues to manufacture exceptional men’s styles. An experienced and talented design team travels to the world’s best fashion hubs in search of inspiration, translating ideas into manufacturable items.

The business’ global craftsmen then turn this inspiration into tangible products. Carrying on the German tradition of exceptional quality and precision, each shoe is constructed to the highest of standards. Hand-stitched leathers and supportive rubber soles are found on almost all shoes, with the exception of leather-soled shoes.

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Embrace a Blissful Shopping Experience

Shopping for new footwear can be overwhelming, particularly for men. Aside from often being time-consuming, subjecting feet to the pressure of various shoes can be detrimental to long-term foot health. For this reason, we recommend working with our dedicated online customer service team which will make picking the perfect shoe simple.

Our team can assist with the measuring of your feet, offering an assessment that’s designed to suit your needs. Determining whether you have a high arch, wide foot, or high instep is valuable information. Once this information is on hand, you can save time and energy for the more important things.

Feet change over time and with age, which is why we recommend investing in new, quality designs frequently. While Lloyd’s designs might have been an integral part of your wardrobe for years, it's still important to check the fit of each style and assess whether the standard size and fit are still right for you.