Leather Care for Longer Wear

Leather is extremely durable when given just a little TLC. Correct care for leather shoes comes down to two main concepts: keep them clean and keep them dry. Just a few simple steps will greatly improve the longevity of your footwear leaving them looking as good as when you first bought them.

Alternate Your Shoes Each Day

Just like your skin, leather needs to breathe. Always rotate your shoes ensuring you don’t wear the same pair each day.

Feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather absorbs that moisture. Damp leather is more susceptible to stretching, scuffing, creasing, and staining. Rotating your shoes gives them adequate time to dry, increasing the longevity of your footwear.

Clean Your Shoes After Each Wear

Keep a soft brush on hand and give your shoes a quick clean after each wear avoiding dirt or grime that can potentially stain the leather.

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Store Leather Shoes With A Shoe Tree

A cedar shoe tree is possibly THE most important part of shoe care, and it’s usually the most overlooked step. Leather is porous and absorbs moisture and odour. A shoe tree absorbs that moisture and odour while keeping the shoe’s proper shape to prevent creasing.

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Avoid Wet Weather

Water can stain even waterproofed leather shoes, and leather soles become more vulnerable to abrasive surfaces like concrete when wet. If your shoes do happen to get wet, avoid the urge to dry them near a heater or window as this can crack and damage the leather. Let them air out on their own for a couple of days.

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Polish Them Every 6 Wears

Just like you don’t want your leather to get too wet, you also don’t want it to dry out because it can crack. Shoe polish helps moisturize the leather while adding a layer of protection to repel dust and water. It also restores colour and hides scuffs and blemishes.

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Store Shoes In A Dust Bag When Not In Use

Dust can work its way into leather shoes over time, resulting in staining and degradation. If you won’t be wearing your shoes on a regular basis, keep them in a fabric dust bag to protect them while also allowing them to breathe. 

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