Back to Basics with Women's Lace-Up Shoes and Boots

Lace-up footwear can be found in both traditional and modern styles. Peter Sheppard carries lace-up shoes and boots in a host of styles and colours. There is sure to be a pair of lace-ups to fit any foot and any lifestyle. Peter Sheppard's Australian stores offer fast delivery for all online orders with lace-up boots and shoes.

Peter Sheppard specialises in the widest selection of footwear for Australian women. The stores stock almost every style available, including ankle boots, espadrilles and more.

Lace-Ups Offer the Convenience of an Adjustable Fit to Suit any Foot 

One of the key advantages of selecting lace-up boots and shoes is the ease of adjusting the fit. This makes them ideal for narrow, normal and wide feet. Simply adjust the lacing style and tie the laces so the shoes fit comfortably to the width and size of the foot. 

It is common for feet to be slightly different in size. This means a matching pair of shoes will fit differently to each foot. This is not generally a problem unless feet are remarkably different in size. Buying lace-up styles allows women to adjust the fit by simply tying the laces a little tighter on the smaller foot.

While Peter Sheppard’s range of lace-up boots accommodates all shoe sizes, they are particularly suitable for women with narrow heels. When heels are narrower than the footbed, feet tend to slip in standard width shoes. Lace-up boots will help prevent the movement of the heel, making lace-up boots a comfortable and practical for narrow fitting feet. Similarly, if pressure on the back of the heel causes discomfort, the design of lace-up boots can help prevent irritation of this area. 

High Fashion Lace-Up Footwear Online to Suit the Australian Lifestyle

Most people’s first memory of lace-up shoes is the unfashionable brown or black school shoes. Lace-ups have come a long away and are now available in on-trend styles suitable for work, exercise and leisure. They come in an array of colours, a selection of materials and even offer the option of flat or heeled styles.

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