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It’s true that women are busier than they have ever been. With this in mind, women deserve beautiful shoes that don’t pain their feet. Peter Sheppard has mastered the skill of sourcing beautiful European shoes that not only meet exceptional quality standards but provide unparalleled comfort every step of the way.

For many women, shoes that are both comfortable and stylish may have been out of reach. However, over fifty years in the industry has given Peter Sheppard insights into the preferences of women. Peter Sheppard stocks some of the world’s best footwear brands so Australian women feel comfortable knowing they have invested in shoes that look good and feel good. One of Peter Sheppard’s bestselling brands Hartjes is an Austrian label that uses nature as its inspiration, using the finest materials to handcraft beautiful shoes.

Hartjes Shoes Offer Quality Craftsmanship Without Compromising Quality

For 60 years, Hartjes have been one of Austria’s finest shoemakers. With nature as their inspiration, they have developed a shoe that controls foot temperature through the use of natural materials and proven innovative technology. Their willingness to push the boundaries and create shoes that are both comfortable and stylish has been the driving force behind Peter Sheppard’s promise since the inception of the business in the 1970s.

Through the understanding that contemporary women have various preferences and styles, Hartjes continue to bring out unique collections. The shoes within each collection are available in an extensive variety of designs that appeal to different women. From elegant heels to bold sneakers, chunky winter boots and graceful slippers, Hartje s promises to surprise every season.

Hartjes of Austria is available in an E fitting.

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Peter Sheppard offers a premium online shoe shopping experience, with experienced staff on hand to guide customers on style, fitting and comfort. Stocking a plethora of unique and carefully selected European brands, the shopping experience is both memorable and enjoyable.

Peter Sheppard’s collection includes France Mode, Fluchos, Funchal and Grunland, as well as accessories including purses and handbags. Peter Sheppard is renowned for its commitment to sourcing the very best brands from all over the world. This has helped Peter Sheppard become the country’s preferred online store for contemporary Australian woman.

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