Premium Quality D Fitting Shoes for Women

Peter Sheppard has curated a collection of D width shoes specifically for women who need extra wide fitting shoes for additional room and features that offer true comfort. It’s no secret that our feet change over time, which is why it’s important to ensure the correct fitting for your best foot health.

For women with extra-wide feet, finding comfortable footwear can be a nightmare. Often, it’s more than just finding a pair of stylish shoes that are comfortable - sometimes, it’s a matter of finding shoes that are actually wearable. Many women settle for shoes that don’t meet their design or fitting preferences, to simply meet the needs of difficult feet.

Now you can rest assured you’ll never have to wear tight-fitting shoes again, with Peter Sheppard’s range of extra-wide fitting shoes.

What’s the benefit of investing in a E+ width in shoes?

• Increased comfort - E width women’s shoes are deliberately designed to provide more space in the toe box, which can minimise or even completely prevent various foot problems like blisters, calluses, and bunions.

• Enhanced support - With more space in the toe box, E+ fitting shoes can provide better support for your feet, which is particularly important when you have wide feet or you have foot conditions like flat feet/high arches.

• Better circulation - Wearing shoes that are too tight can restrict blood flow to your feet, and this can have ripple effects like cold feet/numbness/tingling. Given that D width women’s shoes constrict your feet less, this can help improve circulation.

• Less stress - If you've ever worn poorly fitting footwear, then you’re already well aware of the physical and mental toll it can take on you over time. A decent pair of EE or 3E width women’s shoes can help you avoid this problem altogether.

Choosing the E fitting shoes for your unique needs

It's essential that you know your shoe size before investing in a new pair of extra wide fit shoes – the best way to get an accurate measurement is by using a ruler or tape measure. Alternatively, you can also have your feet measured at a local Peter Sheppard outlet for precise measurements (where we can also fit you for wide fit shoes!).

You should also keep in mind the kinds of activities you’ll be participating in while wearing your new shoes. If you like to walk a lot, or you spend extended periods of time standing for work, then a pair of extra wide fitting women’s dress shoes with sufficient support and padding is a good idea. For casual shoes to wear around town though, there are plenty of great options for you to choose from in regard to style and comfort.

Peter Sheppard also carries an excellent range of podiatrist-friendly shoes, orthotic-friendly shoes, footwear for bunions, and more.

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