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Espadrilles epitomise summer in the Mediterranean. These classic shoes originate from Europe and have been made in both France and Spain for centuries. Originally worn by peasants, the popularity of espadrilles has risen dramatically. They are now an essential in any summer wardrobe. Browse Peter Sheppard’s store to see the latest range of women's espadrilles online. Cheerful and colourful, there is sure to be a pair of espadrilles that screams summer for every woman. 

Stylish Espadrilles Shoes Online based on a Centuries-Old Design

Espadrilles were originally made using a type of Mediterranean grass known as esparto, also often used when making rope. Espadrilles still feature rope in their construction and in some designs, although jute is more commonly used today. The soles of espadrilles are still constructed using rope braids. A sturdy outer sole is added to increase durability. 

Traditionally, espadrilles were a slip-on enclosed shoe and the uppers were constructed of canvas.

Although sometimes still made using canvas uppers, women's espadrilles are now also made of other materials such as leather. Still retaining the rope sole, and embellished with rope edges, modern espadrilles have evolved to include almost every footwear type imaginable. 

A Selection of Espadrilles Shoes & Wedges to Suit Your Tastes and the Occasion

Variations of espadrilles include slip-ons and sandals, with or without back straps and in both flats and heels. There are enclosed flats, usually with leather or the more traditional canvas uppers. Leather uppers with cut-outs are comfortable and cool, in more ways than one. Women's espadrilles come in a range of bright and cheerful primary colours such as blue, yellow and red.

Espadrilles wedges are a great dress-up shoe for summer. Espadrille wedges offer similar benefits to heels. The structure of wedges offers improved stability and foot comfort to that of traditional heels, plus added height. Browse the range to find the ultimate summer wedges.

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