Purchase Iconic EMU Shoes Online at Peter Sheppard

EMU Australia is an iconic Australian brand, now available online and instore at Peter Sheppard. Experience the exquisite difference offered by EMU slippers and shoes for yourself thanks to Peter Sheppard’s extensive selection.

EMU Australia distinguishes itself from the rest through the use of sustainable and natural materials. This includes luxurious leather, premium wool and Australian sheepskin, producing quality products that last a lifetime. From EMU uggs that warm the ankle to everyday slippers, Peter Sheppard offers a variety of EMU Australia styles that can be worn from season to season with ease.

The EMU Australia Difference

It’s not hard to see why EMU shoes are sought after in Australia. EMU Australia has provided comfortable footwear to Aussies for the last 25 years, revolutionising the footwear industry through the use of sustainable, natural materials. The cherry on top is, of course, the famed comfort of EMU shoes.

Women resign themselves to discomfort more often than necessary. From sky-high heels to pointy flats, our feet can sometimes struggle to have a break. EMU shoes are the indulgence you need, both simplistic and luxurious at once. Australian merino wool and sheepskin combine to cushion the feet, with durable leather holding it all together. The next-to-skin softness is unparalleled, with every pair also being renewable and biodegradable - do good and feel good with EMU!

The superior comfort of EMU shoes doesn’t mean a compromise on hardiness. EMU Australia shoes are weather resistant, allowing for greater freedom and function. This means you can slip on your favourite pair of EMU shoes for your morning coffee run, the daily school pickup and everything in between. They help to ensure you are feeling cushioned, supported and completely confident in the durability of your footwear.

If it’s time to treat yourself to a pair of iconic EMU shoes, Peter Sheppard will have you spoilt for choice. Choose from a variety of colours, such as chocolate, chestnut and mushroom, in a range of timeless, signature styles via the website or in store.

Shopping with Peter Sheppard

While Peter Sheppard has long been known for their excellent customer service, recent changes have necessitated a more creative approach to customer service. We have 3 lovely customer service experts available 7 days a week for all your shoe queries. This means you can shop for EMU slippers online from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit Peter Sheppard in person to see the range of EMU shoes on offer, or browse shoes by other brands like Jaggar or Italian made shoes like Peter Sheppard itself.

While EMU shoes are widely known for their unbeatable comfort, it is still be worth speaking to the professionals at Peter Sheppard regarding foot health and orthotics. The meticulous measurement service offered by Peter Sheppard can help you find your perfect fit, no matter where your days may take you.