Men's Dress Shoes

When the occasion calls for formal wear, men’s dress shoes rise to the call. A true illustration of beautiful craftsmanship and fine detailing, the range at Peter Sheppard Footwear in Australia instantly makes an impression with finesse and flair.

Carrying the hallmarks of quality European design, our collection combines quality and visual aesthetic with comfort. Working with well-established brands such as LLOYD, we constantly source on-trend footwear designs that showcase a distinctively modern edge, while keeping traditional techniques and high-quality standards alive. The result is stylish men’s dress shoes to elevate your outfit and provide endless comfort on all occasions.

Stylish Men’s Work Shoes for Business and Formal Occasions

First impressions count – especially in the business sphere. Just as professional tailoring exudes an element of capability and power, quality footwear exudes an element of tastefulness, class and elegance. Pair with suits, jeans or chinos and enjoy an instant lift to any outfit.

Leather is the material of choice in many of our styles, drawing inspiration from the runways of Europe. Some models feature the coveted leather sole, which allows for an almost-bare sensation when walking. Should you opt for such a model, you’ll soon find that spending all day at the office suddenly becomes far less taxing on the feet. Our luxurious designs also feature lambskin and cowhide to ensure a refined, supple feeling.

The Oxfords and loafers from our slip-ons collection provide breathability and tastefulness. While a toned-down look is ideal for the corporate field, colourful soles express a playful edge that’s perfect for the creative realm.

Experience the Feeling of Premium Craftsmanship

Combining comfort and style in men’s formal shoes is an art form. Through experience, Peter Sheppard Footwear has mastered the art of selecting footwear that combines both elements, bringing you a truly impressive collection of the best European brands available online.

LLOYD, Sioux and Pikolinos are several brands that are synonymous with comfort and quality. Pikolinos are particularly noteworthy, offering supreme comfort through their seamlessly stitched Spanish styles. Traditional techniques passed down through families in Spain allow the shoe to gain extreme flexibility by fusing the upper and sole together, achieving optimal ease of motion.

Sioux’s natural crepe soles create a similar effect, with a technique used by only a handful of manufacturers. The wearer is treated to sole massages as they walk, helping to support the arch and maintain optimal alignment. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of crepe soles, we encourage you to to visit your nearest Peter Sheppard Footwear store to try on in your size.

Fit is Essential for Formal Footwear

The correct fit is undoubtedly the most important contributor to a comfortable men’s dress shoe. With an extensive range of sizes available, it’s simple to find a comfortable fit when you shop with Peter Sheppard Footwear.

As part of our professional fitting service, our trained staff check the length, width and contours of the foot. After determining the correct dimensions, an appropriate style can be found in the correct size, leading to excellent long-term wear. Visit your nearest store today to start the process and find your perfect fit.