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For women seeking the luxury of wearing stylish, comfortable and luxurious sports shoes, Peter Sheppard is the perfect place to shop. Offering an extensive range of options, Peter Sheppard Footwear is the only retailer who tailors a range to the needs of the modern woman. Peter Sheppard offers a variety of sizes and styles, handcrafted in European shoe factories.

Within the range sits DL Sport shoes, designed and created in Italy from some of the finest materials. This well-loved brand offers something within their exceptional collection for every woman. Their fit is perfect to meet the needs of the everyday, modern woman and encompasses eye-catching options that have the potential to make a statement.

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DL Sport’s Point of Difference in Shoes

Founded in 1974 in Monte San Pietrangeli - a small city in the Marche region of Italy - DL Sport shoes use a combination of modern technology and sophisticated design. Made with an internal wedge heel, the height varies depending on the customer’s preference while still promosing all-day comfort. DL Sport footwear can lift a casual, everyday look to into one that is effortlessly sophisticated and stylish.

Using only the finest materials including local and sustainably sourced leather, DL Sport shoes are a must-have addition to any modern woman’s wardrobe. Known for exceptionally long-lasting quality and an extensive range of designs that suit most personal styles, Peter Sheppard is proud to present this outstanding collection to women throughout Australia.

DL Sport is available in B fittings.

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Peter Sheppard is Australia’s premier online retailer for luxury European women’s footwear and accessories. By carefully sourcing only the very best European brands, the extensive online collection ensures that women are not compromised on comfort, style or quality.

In Peter Sheppard’s online store, women will find a variety of styles from Salord Jover, Kennel Schmenger, Ara, Ancarani and Blubella. From sneakers and boots to flats and sandals there promises to be a style to suit all occasions.

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