Chie Mihara Shoes are a Versatile Addition to the Contemporary Woman’s Wardrobe

When it comes to finding shoes that have been made with unconditional attention and blend both style and function, it’s no easy task. Finding the perfect balance is the key in designing a stylish pair of shoes that will offer versatility and longevity in a woman’s wardrobe.

Highly regarded Spanish shoemaker Chie Mihara is a European shoe label that has perfected the art. A browse through the Chie Mihara collection available at Peter Sheppard will illustrate what sets Chie Mahara apart from its European counterparts.

Chie Mihara take the utmost care to subtly inject cutting-edge design elements into their shoes. They achieve this while still maintaining the overall purpose of comfort and practicality for the contemporary woman. Traces of this extra depth of comfort through thoughtfully intended design can be found in the likes of 24HRS and Hispanitas, also available here at Peter Sheppard’s online store.

Chie Mihara shoes and boots rarely go unnoticed for all the right reasons

Chie Mihara provides the ideal footwear solution for sophisticated women seeking a stylish yet comfortable everyday shoe. No matter the occasion, a pair of Chie Mihara boots rarely go unnoticed, with their bold heels and bright colours.

Few brand use the precision in shoemaking that Chie Mihara does. Using soft suede and buttery leather in with eye-catching colours, Chie Mihara shoes turn heads in any setting. They make an undeniable impression with their exceptional range of edgy European-designed footwear.

A Comprehensive Range of European Women’s Footwear in Australia

In addition to the Chie Mihara collection, Peter Sheppard stocks footwear from a wide range of well-renowned shoe houses. The brands include:

- Amalfi

- Luca Grossi

- Perlato

- Waldlaufer

- Lodi

Customers can also find shoes that are suitable for narrow and wide feet, as alongside shoes to accommodate orthotics.

Peter Sheppard Footwear also offers complimentary shipping Australia-wide.

Find Out More About the Chie Mihara Range by Getting in Touch

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