Calpierre Shoes for the Modern, Elegant Woman

Launched in 1964 by Ciro de Pascale, Calpierre has earned its place as a global leader in women’s footwear. Crafting shoes by hand in the Napoli’s De Pascale factory, the ‘tutto a mano’ art form is evident in every pair.

The range of footwear at Calpierre are targeted towards the modern, elegant woman who takes life into her own hands. Known for their classic, comfortable styles, the timeless designs of Calpierre footwear hold up to all-day wear, without damaging feet in the long run.

In true European style, the brand is discerning when it comes to selecting the retailers that stock the range. As one of Australia’s most-loved and well-respected retailers, it was clear Peter Sheppard Footwear would be a proud stockist of Calpierre shoes in Australia.

Italian-Made Shoes at their Finest

It takes more than just quality manufacturing to create a premium product. Ciro de Pascale knew this long before he built his legacy, securing a strong network of footwear artisans and suppliers to ensure products were executed to perfection.

Every shoe made in the Neapolitan factory is crafted from locally sourced materials. Each pair is carefully crafted by master shoemakers, who continue the father-to-son tradition of artisanal production techniques, developed in Italy many centuries ago. The result is footwear that carries the quality and durability of the past into the present, forming shoes that enable you to truly put your best foot forward.

Sourced from Italy by Peter Sheppard’s expert buyers, each Calpierre shoe arrives on Australia’s shores in perfect condition, ready to support your everyday activities in style.

How to Care for your Calpierre Shoes

Fine leather, like fine wine, deserves care and nourishment. Honouring the hand-crafted designs meticulously imported into our stores requires a little time and attention to detail, both of which pay off in the long run.

While each design has its unique characteristics, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that pairs last for as long as possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable women’s footwear team will recommend specific care instructions with every in-store or online appointment; complementing the below tips for long-term maintenance.

Before being worn, leather needs nourishment. For full-grain designs, gently apply leather protection cream with a cotton rag and work it in circular motions. Use a brush to spread the leather protection cream so all aspects of the shoe are treated, allowing it to be absorbed fully. This step does not apply to suede, which should be gently brushed with natural fibres and finished off with a silicone-free protectant.

After wearing, it’s best to allow the shoes to air naturally before putting them away. A shoe tree offers the optimal solution for this purpose, while at the same time helps to maintain the shape of the design. All scents and moisture will evaporate after a few hours of airing, allowing for safe storage away from humidity and heat.

Treating and protecting your footwear prior to wear extends the life of your Italian footwear, ensuring that they stay a part of your life for years to come. With timeless beauty, Italian shoes are true wardrobe staples that do not date and defy seasonal trends.

Visit our stores to experience exceptional beauty and build quality in person. Our staff provide expert measuring services and suggest suitable styles to your feet for ultimate comfort. Whether you’re after a cosy pair of slippers, boots, sneakers or something else, there is the shoe for every woman.