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When Spanish entrepreneur Basilio Garcia Perez-Aradros set out to create a line of footwear that fused traditional Spanish techniques with new technologies, he laid down the foundations for what would later become Callaghan. A serial entrepreneur, he ambitiously sought out solutions to manufacture efficiently, while retaining exceptional quality standards. He succeeded in his mission.

His first venture was named Grupo Hurgar, a firm formed in 1968. Challenging the boundaries of classical European shoemaking with its innovative approach, Grupo passed down its vanguard qualities to Callaghan after acquiring children’s brand Gorila in 1987.

Callaghan began by making Western-inspired boots for the Spanish market. Then in 1991, the “Nautico Over” was created, a sailing model featuring the first-ever patented air chamber technology.

Callaghan has been pushing the boundaries of traditional footwear through innovation ever since.

Innovation is at the Core of Callaghan Men’s Shoes

Callaghan has a keen focus on discovering new technologies. Dedicated to research and development, the well-loved Spanish shoemaker explores materials, craft techniques, and forms to produce stylish footwear that adds value.

In 2004, Adaptaction Technology was revealed to the world. Adapting to the unique contour and curves of feet, this patented technology offers exceptional comfort, while retaining style. Using a blend of high-quality, durable leather and premium materials, products are both fashionable, breathable, and highly wearable.

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Callaghan Men’s Shoes Adapt to the Australian Lifestyle

Many Australian men live a dynamic and active lifestyle, and Callaghan’s designs support this lifestyle with a range of contemporary footwear styles.

Active, casual, and more formal styles play a part of the collection each season. Featuring sneakers, boots, and shoes boasting the patented technologies Callaghan is well-known for, support is guaranteed on every occasion.

Each style made with Adaptaction Technology has the added benefit of morphing and changing as feet do. With the capability to expand as the foot moves, the shoe becomes more contoured and pliable. There is no doubt that the comfort experience of wearing Callaghan improves over time. With care and attention to detail, Callaghan’s striking aesthetic is retained, while the comfort factor only gets better.

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Access Personalised Footwear Online

When Peter Sheppard founded his business, the goal was to source footwear that was perfectly tailored to the individual ergonomics of the foot. At a point in time where no other retailer was offering such a highly detailed approach to footwear, Peter Sheppard found success. The wide range of Callaghan shoes are a result of Peter Sheppard’s finetuned approach to footwear, which offers a shopping experience unlike any other.

Once customers determine their correct fit, a unique footbed allows the foot to naturally sink into the shoe. Contouring happens from the first wear, removing the need to break in the shoes and experience discomfort. The mechanism by which each pair moulds to the foot is different to that of Pikolinos. Yet, it leads to the same level of comfort and support that all Peter Sheppard shoes are known for.

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