Since conception in 1973, Peter Sheppard Footwear has searched every corner of Europe to find factories that have supplied generations of Australian women with footwear catering for the most problematic feet. Whether the footwear is extra wide, very narrow or orthotic friendly, styles have always provided the latest fashion on offer. Peter Sheppard Footwear imports over sixty highly recognised brands from forty factories across Europe and the United States. Each factory has been carefully selected to ensure they are continuously creating footwear masterpieces for Australian women. All suppliers must hold the same values of fashionable styling, encompassing quality and of course comfort. Celebrating over 40 years of quality products and exceptional service, the team at Peter Sheppard Footwear look forward to providing comfort and style for many years to come.



Originating in Elche, Spain in 1999, 24HRS has applied the most advanced technologies to promote foot health resulting in the creation of footwear that is flexible, breathable and extremely comfortable. They take pride in the production of quality footwear. 24HRS is available in C fittings.

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Alba Teci

A heart-warming place to visit, the Alba Teci factory can be found on the east coast of Italy. Franco has been cutting leather and passionately making shoes for 42 years, a job he took over from his father. When asked why he is always smiling, he says “la vita è bella”, which translates to “life is beautiful”. Alba Teci of Italy is available in a B fitting.

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Alma En Pena

Born in 2006, Alma En Pena was originally dreamed up as a small project, which quickly grew. Using only premium quality materials, the collections developed by Alma En Pena are motivated and inspired by the modern woman, featuring details like embellishments with intricate beading, cut out details and fringing to make the perfect statement.

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The Amalfi brand is world famous for having the largest range of sizes and widths manufactured in Italy. Made in a state of the art factory in Prato, Amalfi is a family owned business that prides itself on luxurious comfort regardless of foot shape. Amalfi is available in AA, B and C fittings.

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Renowned for their innovative design features including ultra flexible outsoles, stretch leathers, removable insoles and techno gel shock absorbing heels, ara has been Germany’s leading footwear manufacturer for 60 years. Suitable for all foot types, ara comfort must be worn to be believed. ara is available in C, D and E fittings.

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Nestled in the Loire Valley near Paris lies the home of Arche shoes. Established in 1968, this brand is handmade exclusively in Europe. Exquisite supple leather and nubuck in a variety of eye-popping colours are used to create these distinct designs that have become one of France’s number one footwear brands. Arche is available in B fittings.

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Made in Elche, Spain. Argenta has a great range of shoes and handbags perfect for any type of event where a lady wants to dress up to make an impression. This is the time to carry a matching handbag, which will complete your outfit with a touch of class. Argenta is available in C fittings.

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Asiana was founded in Bologna by two entrepreneurs from Italy and Vietnam. The brand builds on inspiration from both cultures, integrating oriental style and fabrics such as silk, brocade, precious cotton and cashmere. Asiana is available in a B fitting.

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Azuree have been hand-making shoes in Cannes, France on the Cote d’Azur since 1940. Now the third generation of the Chassingneux family operate the business, functioning with the same values that the business was founded on. The eye-catching and intricate designs of Azuree will add a feminine and fun flair to any wardrobe. Azuree is available in a B fitting.

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Using traditional green production methods and sustainable resources, Baabuk's unique felted wool slippers go a long way to softening our ecological footprint. Made in Nepal.

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Beautifeel have been supplying stylish footwear to women around the world since its launch in 1989. Manufactured in Israel, they use the most innovative Italian equipment together with the most skilful craftsmen in their field. Beautifeel of Israel is available in a B fitting.

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Binnari rose to fame in the nineties with their internationally famous handbags, which became a benchmark in handbag fashion and included an array of colours, sizes and textures. These beautiful and elegant handbags are made to be functional and will take you from the high street to dinner to weekend adventures.

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Founded by Robert and Carla Braccialini in 1954, Braccialini is one of Italy’s standouts in leather accessories. Their beautiful designs will truly inspire you to express yourself and will certainly leave an impression wherever you take them – Braccialini epitomise creativity, innovation and passion with every item that is crafted.

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These iconic shoe artisans have passed their trade down through the generations like a beloved family recipe. Founded in 1926 by Vittorio Galli and Giovanni Volonte, Brunate specialises in the production of magnificently handcrafted shoes made in the Como region in Italy. Brunate is available in B fittings.

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The mission of Calpierre shoes has been, since its foundation in 1964, to fulfil the footwear needs of style-conscious women all over the world. Materials, designs and processes are all proudly Italian, with technology and craftsmanship at the forefront of the manufacturing.

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Callaghan are constantly working on the next technological breakthrough and are focused on perfecting each detail of the manufacturing process. In 2004, they developed their own internationally patented ‘Callaghan Adaptaction Technology’, which provides unprecedented ease of wear. Callaghan shoes are designed to adapt to the wearers’ feet, providing all day comfort.

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Charles Cooper

Rarely can you find a brand that meshes together fashion and function with such ease as Charles Cooper. Having spent decades analysing women’s footwear needs and demands, the result of years of insight is this magnificent collection. Charles Cooper from Italy & Spain is available in B fittings.

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Chie Mihara

Designed by women with focus placed on design and comfort. “We’re mothers, working women, active women. We should have shoes that match our needs. We want to look feminine, beautiful and attractive but without giving up comfort.” Chie Mihara of Spain is available in B fittings.

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Christian Dietz

Christian Dietz believes that comfort and style go hand in hand to deliver the finest shoe experience. Their innovative design includes a moulded sole unit that supports the natural motion of the body while walking. Christian Dietz of Germany is available in a D fitting.

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DL Sport

Founded in 1974 in Monte San Pietrangeli, a small city in the Marche region of Italy, DL Sport is a combination of modern technology and sophisticated design. Made with an internal wedge heel, the height varies depending on your preference while still delivering all-day comfort. DL Sport is available in B fittings.

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ECCO, one of the world’s leading E  brands, is a family-owned company founded in Denmark in 1963. ECCO's success is built on products with a great fit, top-quality leathers, and timeless designs. Creating stylish everyday shoes that ensure optimum comfort and effortless style with every step. ECCO is available in C fittings.

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EMU Australia

EMU Australia uses sustainable and natural materials, including wool, leather and Australian sheepskin, to create quality products that last. With a wide range of slippers and boots, the styles can be worn throughout different seasons with ease. 

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Eva Luna

Inspired designs, superior materials, exceptional craftsmanship and a commitment to luxury, Eva Luna has been producing shoes out of Italy since 1996. Designed by women for women, this Italian factory creates footwear handcrafted by some of the world’s finest artisans. Eva Luna is available in a B fitting.

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Carefully considered detailing, naturally tanned leathers and the finest stitching details are quintessentially Everybody. An ergonomic fit, where each shoe adapts to the foot, encourages women to walk further, for longer. Everybody is available in a B fitting.

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Ezzio footwear is built on 40 years of traditional shoemaking in the Spanish town of Alicante. Sophisticated finishes, quality hardware and premium materials feature in every style. From an initial sketch to the careful construction of each shoe, their shoemaking craft is on display.

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Developed in Elche, the shoe capital of Spain, Funchal shoes are designed for the modern woman. The young and dynamic design team work side by side with master shoemakers to create a collection that takes you from day into night. Funchal is available in B fittings.

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For 70 years in the Spanish shoe-making district of Elche, this family owned factory have been combining their love for shoes with years of knowledge. The result is a unique shoe construction that provides all-day comfort and support so that women can look as good as they feel. Gadea is available in B fittings.

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The Haflinger brand was founded in 1988 and quickly made a name for itself with high-quality standards and timeless designs. The trademark was first registered in Germany and later in Europe and is now known and protected in many countries around the world. Today Haflinger is a symbol and term for lovingly crafted slippers and casual shoes made from natural materials.

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For 60 years, Hartjes have been one of Austria’s finest shoemakers. With nature as their inspiration, they have developed a shoe that controls foot temperature through the use of natural materials and proven technology. Hartjes of Austria is available in an E fitting.

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Founded in 1884 in Austria, HASSIA is known for their extraordinary innovation in comfort. Each shoe is made with removable footbeds to accommodate individual orthotics. They are traditional masterpieces in quality and fit that ensures high-wearing comfort and relaxed all-day walking. HASSIA is available in D, E, EE and EEE fittings.

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When you see Hispanitas shoes, it is easy to imagine their birthplace. Quirky designs, vibrant soft leathers and state of the art construction are all reflective of the Spanish culture and lifestyle. These shoes are sure to liven up any outfit giving you the extra bounce in your step. Hispanitas is available in B fittings.

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Hogl as been in the footwear business for more than 70 years. They combine the feel of current trends with maximum comfort. "A beautiful shoe is a compliment to the woman wearing it!” Optimal fit soft uppers, a light and flexible sole. An edgy alternative to the wider fitting footwear. Hogl is available in a C fitting.

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Homers was founded in 1969 and the last 50 years have been spent crafting shoes that flawlessly combine design, beauty and comfort. Embracing an intricate process involving more than 70 individual artisans, the manufacturing of Homers footwear has an appreciation for tradition and imagination at its core.  

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Established in 1959 in Lancashire, England, Hotter produces world-class footwear that epitomises comfort and style. Drawing on inspiration from current fashion trends and incorporating innovative techniques and technology, each style guarantees a comfortable and protected feeling

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Hugo Sheppard

On-trend needn’t be a trade-off for quality with Hugo Sheppard. The collection is crafted in Europe then curated by our design team in Melbourne, with supple leathers and the softest suedes. Each shoe is made to be inherently comfortable and easy to wear. This capsule collection emphasises directional styling and feminine silhouettes.

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This quaint family owned Spanish factory was established in 1956 in the picturesque town of Elda. With painstaking attention to detail, every shoe is respectfully crafted to ensure a magnificent fit and long-term comfort. Joni of Spain is available in a B fitting.

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Directly from Spain – Kess is all about comfort and quality. Enjoy your purchase from this family run company that uses only the best leathers and components in their shoes. All Kess shoes feature rubber soles and soft leather for comfort and a perfect fit. Kess is available in a B fitting.

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In 1979, in the mediterranean island of Menorca, the family company KOSMA was founded by José Luis Trujillo, who pursued his dream: the creation of genuine shoes.

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Le Gazzelle

Grace and sophistication are values that run deep throughout Le Gazzelle’s Italian shoe factory. Over 30 years of innovation fuses with tradition and excellence - the result a brand whose products proudly embody the world-famous ‘Made in Italy’ label. 

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Linea Uno

Linea Uno’s family owned factory lies in the heart of Tuscany. Their aim is to create innovative shoes that mould to the shape of your foot over time creating magnificent comfort. Only top grade leathers are used in production ensuring your shoes last for years to come. Linea Uno is available in a B fitting.

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Every pair of Lodi shoes is a marvel to behold thanks to the skill and passion of those responsible for making them. Every season, the Lodi team designs 500 new styles, but only the best of the best find their way into the collection. This is an important moment because this is when they make decisions based on the latest trends and determine the styles of shoe that Lodi women will be wearing.

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For 60 years, Loggia has been handcrafting moccasins in both narrow and wide widths using a unique approach to fit. Precise detail has gone into each pair, promising a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Available in AA, B and C fittings.

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Luca Grossi

Founded in the town of Monsummano Terme, Tuscany in 1970, Luca Grossi have worked tirelessly over the years to develop their own personal style, whilst also ensuring they stay up to date with the latest trends. Each stage of the production process is as important as the next, carried out by skilled craftspeople. The result is a synergistic merging of functional style with modern fashion.

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The treatment Mallard uses to create leather that feels as soft as butter is so specialised and time-consuming that very few tanneries are able to master the technique. With leather that feels as though it is literally melting into your feet, these are a favourite in every woman’s wardrobe. Mallard is available in a C Fitting.

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Founded in 1918, Mascaro shoes are designed and crafted in Menorca, Spain. Mascaro handcraft shoes with the best quality Italian and Spanish leathers and use meticulous care during their creation. Their elegant designs are known the world over for their quality and comfort. Mascaro’s range is available in a B fitting.

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Munro America is one of the last manufacturers that remain in the United States. Established in 1959 in Arkansas by Don Munro, this family owned brand carries more sizes and widths than any other. Their devotion to foot health and correct fittings is combined with stylish designs and superior materials sourced from all over the world. Munro is available in 3A, AA, B, C and D fittings.

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Founded in Israel in 1942, the NAOT company has become a leading manufacturer of comfort footwear. NAOT is proud to be on the list of the world's ten leading companies in the comfort category. Over 80% of the company's products are exported to major markets around the world.

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Naguisa was born in 2012 by artisan creators Claudia Perez Polo and Pablo Izquierdo. They wanted to bring practical, comfortable and stylish, jute-soled espadrilles to the mainstream. Each of Naguisa’s hand-sewn espadrilles are designed to perfectly personify summer and the sea. Naguisa of Spain is available in a B fitting.

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NR Rapisardi

NR Rapisardi are Italian shoemakers with Florentine heritage, constructing contemporary vegan footwear. These ethically made shoes feature an innovative collection of plant-based materials sourced from Florence. Their designs offer women an effortless fit for all-day comfort without any compromise on elegance.

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Freedom For Your Feet. On Running is the brainchild of World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard, and friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Combining running experience and Swiss engineering expertise, the trio have revolutionised the sensation of walking and running. A sensation they refer to as 'running on clouds'.

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Pas De Rouge

Located just outside of Milan is Pas de Rouge. Each pair conveys character and a unique style for the modern woman using a specialised construction dating back to the early 1800’s. Pas De Rouge is available in a B fitting.

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Paul Green

Since 1988, this traditional Austrian shoe factory has been producing footwear with a difference. Through the integration of design and fit, they have developed a range of shoes that are not only on trend but will support your feet and legs for all day wear. Paul Green is available in a C fitting.

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For women on the run, Perlato is the brand for you. Each shoe is thoughtfully created to be worn all day and then into night giving you the comfort you need from your everyday shoes. Expert 'sacchetto' construction combines softness with support to cushion and cradle feet. These designs absorb impact to protect your feet and body as you meet the demands of your day. Made in Portugal.

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Peter Kaiser

The oldest shoe manufacturer in Europe, Peter Kaiser draws on almost 180 years of experience in craftsmanship. Using the most exquisite of materials, their collections are of the highest quality and feature a unique fit. Peter Kaiser offers distinctive shoe styles and stylish handbags for a range of formal events and occasions. Peter Kaiser of Germany is available in a B fitting.

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Peter Sheppard

This brand is the beloved jewel in our crown. Peter Sheppard has taken 44 years of history and blended it into this contemporary collection. These are the shoes that women have come back for time and time again. Slightly modified, new leathers, but the same fit and comfort devotees have come to expect. Peter Sheppard is available in AA, B, C fittings.

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Shoes by Spanish brand PieSanto promote comfort and wellbeing. A cushioned sole, breathable lining and removable insoles are several ways PieSanto have used innovation in producing stylish designs that meld with comfort. 

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Pikolinos was founded in Spain in 1984. Unique designs and rich patterns will draw you to Pikolinos at first but the exquisite natural leathers and handcrafted workmanship is what will keep you coming back for more. Embodying the values of traditional shoe making, Pikolinos exudes Mediterranean culture. Pikolinos is available in a B fitting.

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Pons Quintana

The family-owned brand, Pons Quintana, celebrates a history rich in craftwork and traditional shoemaking processes. Founded in 1953 in Menorca, Spain, Pons Quintana has grown from small beginnings as a slipper producer to being one of the world’s finest suppliers of women’s footwear. 

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Porta Rossa

Nestled amongst the olive trees in the small town of Stra near Venice sits this small but soulful factory. With three family generations working side by side, you can be assured of a product consistent in quality, style and comfort. Porta Rossa is available in a B fitting.

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Pretty Ballerinas

Inspired by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Pretty Ballerinas have been handmade in Menorca, Spain, since 1918. The ballerina flats pass through the hands of more than 60 footwear artisans, weaving embellishments and careful design details into the construction of each pair.

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Revere sandals provide all-day comfort and support for those experiencing heel pain, tired aching feet, sore knees and lower back pain. They not only look fantastic but they’re also orthotic friendly with removable footbeds. Revere is available in a B fitting.

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Robert Pietri

Robert Pietri makes beautiful leather handbags in classic designs and a variety of rich leather colours. Designed and made in Spain.

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Roberto Figini

In the latter half of 1800's, Carlo Figini began making shoes in Parabiago. Roberto Figini took over the family business in 1972 making a radical transformation; Figini would dedicate himself to the production of anatomical woman's footwear with arch supports with soft leathers. Some of this range takes orthotics. Roberto Figini is available in a C fitting.

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Salord Jover

Salord Jover epitomizes the very essence of Spanish culture. Artisan design blended with the finest craftsmanship creates shoes for women who will not compromise on look or feel. Soft, rich leathers are used to create footwear that are not only on trend but are also timeless in their beauty.

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Run by the 5th generation of the Semler family. Since Semler began back in 1863 in Pirmasens Germany, the company has carried the tradition of exquisite German craftsmanship. The name Semler has become one of the leading high-end comfort shoe brands in Europe. Semler of Germany is available in a D fitting.

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Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd of Sweden combines traditional craftsmanship and modern design with the best material they know- sheepskin. The result is that all slippers have traces of something traditional, beautiful, stylish and new.

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Sioux’s production of stylish women’s footwear has taken place in the south of Germany for over 60 years. Precise handwork and a commitment to the perfect fit are instilled in the DNA of each shoe. Sioux is available in C and D fittings.

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A surprise hidden in the soles: SOFTCLOX are made from astoundingly light natural wood and gently roll as you walk, thanks to the specially integrated rubber joint. This makes them wonderfully comfortable and great for everyday wear. The designs use extra-soft leather and are both modern and expressive.

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Softwaves have used cutting-edge technology to develop Wave Massage® removable insoles that feel soft and supple. With ergonomically shaped footbeds, breathability and a lightweight design, they are suitable for women with orthotics. Softwaves are available in a C fitting.

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Sorelle Bensoni

Sorelle Bensoni is owned and operated by two sisters with one purpose in mind; they want women to feel beautiful all day, every day. “Comfort should not translate to unattractive shoes,” they explain, “We want women to look good, and feel good at the same time.” Sorelle Bensoni is available in AA and B fittings.

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Established in the small Tuscan town of San Romano, Status is renowned for utilising Italian manufacturing processes, Italian leathers, insoles and accessories. Experts in their craft, the shoe artisans at Status specialise in ballerina flats and loafers, made with precision for women all over the world.

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Thierry Rabotin

Regarded as one of the finest shoe factories in the world, Thierry Rabotin has modernised the ancient tradition of making authentic traditional shoes. The unique “sacchetto” construction is combined with the softest full grain leather to create a product that feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Thierry Rabotin of Italy is available in a B fitting.

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Produced in Austria, Think! remains committed to creating works of art for our feet. Their philosophy and mission is to produce shoes with an independent character while incorporating the sustainable use of natural resources allowing people to live in harmony with the environment. Think! is available in a C fitting.

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Toni Pons

Toni Pons was founded by Antoni Pons Parramon over 70 years ago in Spain. With espadrilles firmly holding their place as their pride and joy, Toni Pons focus on fusing the brand’s traditional Mediterranean essence with the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for wedged, flat or heeled espadrilles, Toni Pons has the perfect shoe for every occasion.

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ViaMercanti has produced handmade shoes for women since 1995. The shoemakers are based in Salerno, Italy, a few steps from the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island. The hallmarks of ViaMercanti are attention to detail and passion for each unique product.

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Vionic brings together science and style, combining innovative biomechanics with the most coveted trends. With a heritage in foot health, Vionic brings a fresh perspective to supportive footwear. Offering a wide range of silhouettes, premium materials and thoughtful design, Vionic makes comfort covetable. Vionic is available in a C fitting.

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Vital is a family-owned footwear business, made in Tyrol in Western Austria. Vital boasts handcrafted natural leathers with the highest possible manufacturing standards. The Vital footbed massages the foot, which benefits the entire body. Vital of Austria is available in B fittings.

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Vito Pastore

Exclusive to Peter Sheppard, Vito Pastore footwear is crafted from fine Italian leather and fabrics. With embellishments and mesh cut outs amongst the unique design features used, each shoe is a work of art.

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On the banks of the Brenta Canal, somewhere between Padua and Venice, lies one of the world’s oldest shoe factories. Founded in 1896 by Giovanni Luigi Voltan, the factory is now run by the fourth generation of shoe artisans. While their designs may have evolved, one thing that will never change is their desire to create shoes that make women feel special. Voltan is available in B fittings.

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Since 1960, Waldlaufer has been producing fine European handcrafted footwear. By combining proven moulds, the finest leathers, and the highest quality components, they have created a formula for designing footwear that offers sublime comfort and fit. Waldlaufer is available in D, E and EEEE fittings.

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Werner shoes are made exclusively in Europe with high quality and sturdy materials from Germany. The footwear is exceptionally crafted with a high standard of design. Incorporating sustainable fabrics and natural, chrome-free and vegetable-tanned leather, Werner tries and tests every shoe to ensure comfort and a healthy foot climate.

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Hans Kreuch founded Wolkenwerk in Germany and develops each design. Experienced shoemakers using only the best Italian materials available, make Wolkenwerk shoes to the highest of standards. Featuring a unique sole technology, the wearer is assured comfort every time.

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Wolkys are designed to feel like soft, cushy clouds you get to walk all over, and it all begins right beneath your feet. Leather-covered footbeds are carefully engineered using the finest materials like high-grade memory foam and natural, contoured cork to create a cushion that molds to your feet and absorbs the shock of all those steps you’re taking. Made in Portugal.

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