Find Braccialini Handbags in Australia’s Premium Luxury Shoe Store

Handbags are not just for show; they’re the perfect way to make a statement. The Peter Sheppard promise states that handbags should fulfil three crucial elements – the handbag should be stylish, functional and made of exceptional materials.

Braccialini handbags feature stunning designs for women looking to invest in reputable quality. Crafted using premium leather, metals and sustainable fabrics, each bag is durable and reliable.

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The Origins of Braccialini Bags

Founded by Robert and Carla Braccialini in 1954, Braccialini is one of Italy’s standout names when it comes to leather accessories. Their beautiful designs truly inspire women to express themselves and will leave an impression wherever they’re taken.

Braccialini incorporate creativity, innovation and passion into every item produced. It’s a brand for women not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Timeless, sophisticated and instantly recognisable, Braccialini products are loved all over the world. Since introducing Braccialini at Peter Sheppard, it has proven itself to be a bestselling brand and one that Australian women adore.

The distinctive range of Braccialini handbags available at Peter Sheppard incorporate neutral tones, bright colours, stylish prints and specialty designs to make them truly one of a kind.

The Difference at Peter Sheppard

In 1961, Peter Sheppard began his career in the fashion industry. He began to realise the importance of properly fitting shoes that were both fashionable and functional. Thus, was the inception of Peter Sheppard, Australia’s renowned online retailer for European shoes for women. Over time, Peter Sheppard learnt it was comfort, style and quality that women looked for in shoes, so he set about to enable Australian women access to shoes that fit these criteria.

Today women can shop online at Peter Sheppard’s and find countless European shoe brands including Accademia, Argenta, Azuree and Ancaroni. Browse the range today to find footwear that meets an impeccable standard of quality, and shop with confidence knowing Peter Sheppard’s online store is curated for stylish and contemporary women.

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