Top-Quality Women’s Ankle Boots from Australia’s Footwear Specialists

Ankle boots are a trend always on-style. Peter Sheppard’s range includes cute, chic and rustic ankle boot styles. The range includes flat, mid and high-heeled shoes. A pair of classic ankle boots are a great addition to any wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans, trousers and skirts. They keep feet warm and cosy during the winter months. Peter Sheppard has have ankle boots to suit every taste and foot type, with various options for especially wide feet or narrow feet.

Versatile Ankle Boots for Women Wanting Footwear to Last

Ankle boots are a timeless style, women will be wearing for many years to come. It is recommended to purchase a good quality pair of leather ankle boots. In the long run, these shoes will offer more durability with proper care. The ankle boot’s popularity means it is simple to find an ankle boot to suit feet of any size or shape. Choosing the right ankle boot which will promises comfort for hours on end.

Why Leather Ankle Boots Are The Perfect Fit Over Time

The advantage of purchasing leather ankle boots is that leather is malleable with wear and will adjust to the shape of a foot. ‘Stretching’ of the shoe may take a few wears, but it is possible to hasten process by using a spray-on application from Peter Sheppard’s shoe care range. After application of the spray, wear the new boots, preferably with chunky socks. After approximately half an hour, the new leather boots should be comfortable and ‘fit like a glove’. 

All the Ankle Boot Styles Available Online in Australia

For those who prefer to feel the ground firmly beneath their feet, it is best to opt for a pair of flat ankle boots. For those who like to add height, or simply prefer to wear heels, Peter Sheppard also carries a range of heeled ankle boots. Peter Sheppard’s range of ankle boots in chic and seriously scrumptious, with styles in an array of glorious colours. 

Peter Sheppard’s range of ankle boots includes boots with laces, buckles, zips, and elastic sides. For a rustic look, opt for elastic inserts, or perhaps a strap and buckle. Zippered boots are sleek and stylish, and laces are always a little bit of fun.

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