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It is true that the Italians have an extraordinary way of designing and crafting shoes. Adorning a pair of Italian shoes is the perfect way to complete the modern woman’s wardrobe. Italian shoes are also an excellent choice for women looking to express class and style.

Amalfi is world famous for having the largest range of sizes and widths manufactured in Italy. Amalfi is among the most popular Italian shoe brands and Peter Sheppard offers exclusivity in many different styles. Amalfi shoes continue to be a favourite brand for Peter Sheppard customers.

Amalfi Offers Modern yet Timeless Designs for Women On the Go

Amalfi shoes are the perfect shoes for the modern woman who is busy, short on time and constantly on the go. Easy, breathable designs are common in the design of Amalfi shoes. Breathability prevents discomfort, sweating or pinching of the feet which are all too familiar in poorly fitted footwear.

Italian shoes are often made using timeless designs however Amalfi also manages to incorporate features that incite all-day comfort. They provide fantastic support through a meticulous design process that assists in producing premium footwear. These processes give a nod to the many generations of Italian shoemakers who continue to craft footwear made with quality and integrity.

A Wide-Ranging Selection of Amalfi and Well-Renowned Brands to Browse

Amalfi shoes are the ideal choice for all-day wear. The shoes and boots come in many different styles, each unique in their own way. Peter Sheppard’s range also contains the newest trends from other well-renowned European designers, plus options for women with wide, narrow, flat or troublesome feet.

These brands include:

- Munro

- Wauldlaufer

- Chie Mihara

- Luca Grossi

- Salord Jover

- Semler

- Vionic

Peter Sheppard’s buying team do biannual trips to Europe to ensure each season delivers Australian women the very best in stylish shoes that offer superior comfort. When buying online at Peter Sheppard, orders are delivered to any address in Australia with complimentary shipping.

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